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Can I submit apps for jailbroken devices?

No, we do not accept apps developed for jailbroken devices. Furthermore, Beta Family testers are not allowed to use jailbroken devices. For more information read our Terms of Use.

What does your service cost?

Go here for more information about pricing.

Can I create a private testing session?

Yes, when starting a test you can choose between private or public testing.

Which mobile platforms do you support for beta testing?

Today we support beta testing for iOS, Android and wearables.

How long can the testing period be?

You can decide a testing period between 3 and 21 days, we recommend 7 days.

What is the reaction time?

This depends on how attractive your app is to test. Normally you will get testers applying for testing your app within an hour. Adding a good reward will speed up this process.

Can I submit updates of my app?

You pay for one test report, if you find any critical errors you have the option to upload a new app file.

Can I get my app featured in your newsletter?

Yes, we send out a limited number of newsletters regarding new apps and features added to the site. If your test has a budget over $100 it will get priority in the newsletter. We also pick our favorite indie apps and write about them.

What kind of distribution methods do you have?

We accept the following distribution methods:

App Store - App is already published to App Store
Ad hoc/Enterprise - Upload app file to Beta Family
iTunes Connect internal - Distributed via Testflights app
iTunes Connect external - Distributed via Testflights app

Google Play - App is already published to Google Play
Ad hoc/Enterprise - Upload app file to Beta Family

How long time do I need to wait for my app to get approved?

Tests with a reward get accepted directly, if your app is without a reward it will normally be accepted within 24 h. Have your app not been approved within 3 business days, please send us a mail.

What is the difference between a public and a private test?

Public tests will be shown on the startpage. If your app is public and includes a reward it will also be featured on our Facebook-page and Twitter. If your app is private, only people you invite will see your app. If it's public all testers can apply for testing it, but you decide if you want to accept or decline ther application.

What is the duration of a test?

The length of the test vary, see the test description to get more info.