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Calculus - All in One Calculator and Converter - Test

by Calculus App

This perfect calculator for Android provides swift and advanced mathematical functions in a beautifully designed...

This perfect calculator for Android provides swift and advanced mathematical functions in a beautifully designed app to perform calculations and conversion better than any other app or handheld calculator ever did.This App is perfect for students as it has Simple Calculator, Scientific Calculator, lots of Conversions, Algebra Calculators, Geometry Calculators, Math Other Calculators, Physics Calculators, Statistics Calculators and many others which will make your day to day life easy.This App also has real-time currency converter to check your international business transactions and will also help you with Business Planning Calculators, Online Marketing Calculators, Sales Calculators, Finance Calculators and lots of other Business Calculators to assist you in every possible way.This Calculator will make you a math wizard with all the capability you need every day for work, school, shopping, ordering a pizza or even when you calculate a tip at restaurants.App Features:- User Friendly and stylish design- Mark your favorite calculators and converters and find them easily- Find a list of frequently used calculators- Easy to use with large buttons to minimize errors- Calculation history, examples and information- Backspace button to delete and clear- Thousand separators to make it easy to read- 88 Calculators and Converters and we are continuously woking on adding some more..List of Calculators:-Simple Calculator-Currency Convertor-Scientific Calculator-Business Planning Calculators-Break - Even-ROI-Pre and Post Money-Online Marketing Calculators-CPC and CPM for Adwords-CPM Calculator-Website Ad Revenue-Sales Calculators-Commission-Discount Calculator-Double Discount-Margin Calculator-Markup-Percent Off Calculator-Triple Discount-Hourly to Salary-Salary to Hourly Converter-Conversions-Angel Conversion-Area Conversion-Density Conversion-MPG Converter-Length Conversion-Pressure Conversion-Speed Converter-Temperature Conversion-Weight Conversion-Square Footage-Chemical Conversion-Finance Calculators-CAGR Calculator-Compound Interest-Future Value Calculator-Investment Calculator-Present Value-Rule of 72-Savings-Simple Interest-Mortgage-Inflation Calculator-Health Calculators-BMI (Body Mass Index)-BSA (Body Surface Area)-Algebra Calculators-Fraction to Percent Calculator-Cube Root-Exponent Calculator-Simple Percentage Calculator-Percentage Change Calculator-Percentage Decrease Calculator-Percentage Difference-Percentage Increase-Percentage of Percentage-Proportion Calculator-Square Root Calculator-Sum of Linear Number Sequence-Geometry Calculators-Circumference Calculator-Distance Calculators-Golden Rectangle Calculator-Midpoint Calculator-Pythagorean Theorem Calculator-Right Triangle Calculator-Slope Calculator-Three dimensional Distance Calculator-Volume Calculator-Math Other Calculators-Average Calculator-Factor-Factorial Calculator-GCF Calculator-GCF and LCM-Golden Ratio Calculator-LCM Calculator-Prime Factorization Calculator-Ratio Calculator-Weighted Average Calculator-Physics Calculators-Acceleration Calculator-Air Pressure At Altitude Calculator-Centrifugal Force Calculator-E = mc2 Calculator-Kinetic Energy Calculator-Ohm’s Law-Velocity Calculator-Wavelength Calculator-Weight On Other Planets-Statistics Calculators-Combinations Calculator-Permutation Calculator-Electricity cost Calculator-Pizza Comparison-Tip-Tip from net Price-Average RatingDownload this rapidly growing and popular calculator for free today!

19 Aug - 23 Aug

Android 3.2 - 8.0

Phone, Tablet, Wearable

Tofu heroes - [ANDROID v1.0.12]

by MOSstudio PTE LTD

Swipe & Match to become a Tofu Hero and defend your planet “Mi-Soup” from the...

Swipe & Match to become a Tofu Hero and defend your planet “Mi-Soup” from the Evil Space Warlord Karaage Udon! Take on the mantle of a Tofu Hero to rescue the Princess from Evil Smelly Tofus. Join Shi-Tofu and a clan of skilled warrior Tofus in the fight for justice with over 150 exciting levels of Tofu-licious puzzle adventures.Solve puzzles, compete with friends around the world, and stand a chance to win Cash Prizes as the best Tofu Hero in town! GLORIOUS MATCHING FUN
- Swipe and match to complete stages, lose yourself in more than 150 addicting levels of tofu-swapping puzzle fun!ALL NEW MATCH-3 STRATEGIES TO SOLVE PUZZLES
- Swipe-rotate the game board to match Tofus without losing any moves! Summon Tofu Squires, Knights and Bravehearts to aid you in rescuing the Princess!QUIRKY STORY AND ORIGINAL CHARACTERS 
- Enter an outlandish world of Tofus and fight alongside your Tofu allies to vanquish enemies like the Stale, Wasabi and Smelly Tofus!COMPETE AGAINST OTHER TOFU HEROES IN CONTESTS AND STAND A CHANCE TO WIN PRIZES
- Climb the leaderboards and see how you fare against other valiant gelatinous comrades-in-arms. Compete against other Tofu Heroes individually or form your own guilds and stand a chance to win cash prizes of up to thousands of dollars!FREE-TO-PLAY
- Download and play Tofu Heroes for free! Make in-game purchases for charms and boosters to take your skill to the next level!**Tofu Heroes requires internet connectivity to play.

17 Aug - 31 Aug

Android 2.2 - 8.0