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Winrac beta - Test

by Motley


IMPORTANT NOTE: TESTS REQUIRES GPS, SO PLEASE ONLY TEST WITH A DEVICE WITH A SIM CARD. IT WON'T RUN ON TABLETS WITH NO SIM CARD. TEST PART A For the test 1 to 5, we will need the following info from the itinerary sender : Phone : Brand : Model : Version Android :  Connection type (LAN/Wifi and/or 3G): Network carrier :  Type of service :   Test 1 : testing responsivenes  1. Open the app and check it in all languages; 2. Report any graphical issues/mis alignment by taking a print screen. Don't forget to inform your phone brand, model and Android version. Test 2: GPS reception Test GPS reception on wifi and 3G : note down average difference between the position found by your device and the actual position Test 3: refreshing GPS signal (refresh button) 1. Click on the refresh button : it should restart the time-counter. 2. Check if timer also refreshes automatically after 2 minutes. 3. Once the app has given you the coordinates, turn off the GPS of your phone and wait till counter touches 2 minutes : it should show an alert that GPS is off. 4. Turn off the GPS of your phone then go back to the app and click on the refresh buton : it should give alert that the GPS is off.   Test 4 : sending itinerary on 3G 1. Inform the recipient that they will receive 4 itineraries 2. Send itinerary via skype / viber / sms / email  Test 5 : sending itinerary on wifi 1. Inform the recipient that they will receive 4 itineraries 2. Send itinerary via skype / viber / sms / email TEST PART B For the tests 6 to 8, we will need following data from the itinerary receiver Device(Mobile/desktop/Tab) : OS(Linux/Windows/Android/iOS) : Application(Chrome/firefox/mobile-default browser/Opera) : Accuracy level of receiver's location shown in the iternary : Test 6 : testing itinerary accuracy 1. Send 3 itinerary after shifting from 300 to 500 meters each time. Wait 45 min before each sending 2. Send the itinerary to yourself and open the link to see if the sender position has changed. Test 7 : testing itinerary reception 1. Open any itinerary URL link using chrome, firefox or your default phone browser 2. After you are getting redirected to google map: open the itinerary using firefox, chrome or your default phone browser 3. report any issues by taking a screenshot Test 8: testing browser langage Compare Google itnerary url/language with browser langage : if browser language is in french, google map should open in etc

14 May - 4 Jun

Android 4.2 - 8.0

Phone, Tablet, Wearable


Itchable -- Pre-release Testing

by Ahmed Nassef

Thank you for participating in testing Itchable -- your feedback will help us get to...

Thank you for participating in testing Itchable -- your feedback will help us get to tour goal by making sure our app is fun to use, intuitive, and has the right functionality that our users will need to get started. **One important note when you find a bug or want to suggest an improvement, we are using Instabug, so please follow these instructions: All you need to do is SHAKE YOUR PHONE. When you do that, an alert will come up, and from there, you can specify the issue. A screenshot will automatically be taken of the screen where you had the issue. You can even mark it up, or take a video to reproduce the problem. This will help us immensely in logging and tracking down what we need to do!** Here are the key items to test: - Login (via Facebook) - Card Browsing: swiping, tapping the claim button, creating an Itch from the browsing screen, the relevance of Itchable Suggestions, etc. - Card Creation: tap the plus sign in the bottom menu and create new Itches by category. Also make sure to test the "Create Custom Itch" option - Me: tap the Me button in the menu and from there: (1) check your Profile (make edits, add tags, add bio, change photo, etc.), (2) explore your Upcoming Itches (from here, try to share your Itches with other testers, make time/day edits. etc), and (3) go into your settings to change your distance range - People: tap the people icon in the menu and check to see if you see other testers in your area. Also tap on the "filter" icon to change the parameters of the people you see by gender and/or age. What is NOT ready in this version: - Chat - Notifications - User Onboarding and coach marks

8 May - 28 May

iOS 10.3 - 10.3.2


Python Versions For iOS - run code,autocomplete - Test

by Manjo

Versions: 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 Features : Autocomplate. Auto Indent. Code color. In(the built-in browser or the txt editor),Select...

Versions: 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 Features : Autocomplate. Auto Indent. Code color. In(the built-in browser or the txt editor),Select the text to run. Horizontal screen development. Code templates,the contents of the new file is copy from contents of the template file. *You can enter python code by keyboard, and then you can execut the python code,support the input function. *You can adjust the code color and font size , and support to move the cursor left and right and up and down , easy to read and write. *You can find learning materials by the built-in browser . *You can save python code and learning materials, and can be modified to the save file and delete the save file . *The file system supports txt, pdf, chm, mp3,m4v,zip, gif, png, html, py ,doc... *You can control the background image and color, and execution voice , background animation, text color and shadow, switch interface animation , the number and the order of the main interface of the tab bar to create your learning software. *You can Learn python knowledge , the system provides some basic learning materials . *You can use python code or learning materials to generate two-dimensional code , for easy sharing . *You can share code by Email,Weibo,Twitter,Facebook. *You can use the counter,light in the Setting tab.

19 May - 22 May

iOS 6.0 - 10.3.2

iPhone, iPad

DemonNetDAQClient - Test

by James Bush

The DemonNet Data Acquisition System is only half of DemonNet; it measures EMF...

The DemonNet Data Acquisition System is only half of DemonNet; it measures EMF interference to the camera sensor in your iPhone using the images it acquires, and then upload its calculations to DemonNet for analysis. The client app does not display the results of that analysis; it simply collects the requisite data to detect and track cloaked anomalies over a wide geographic area in conjunction with other clients. This test will determine whether the client apps can successfully work in tandem. The more locations clients are installed and operating, the more accurate the location of cloaked anomalies; the more data collected by clients, the more refined the specific EMF signature for cloaked matter (to differentiate it from other sources). Although the client app will soon be able to detect cloaked anomalies independent of any contribution of data from other clients, more data is needed to ensure reliability. In sum, the app doesn't look like it's doing much; but, the data it is collecting will soon be invaluable to you and the world. Thanks for helping out with such an important initiative! If you received an invitation and have successfully installed the app, launch it to verify that it runs; then, leave it running for approximately one hour. After launching the app, place your phone down and do not move it. The app will not record data while the phone is in motion. If you accidentally move or bump the phone, the app will stop collecting data until the phone is motionless again. This ensures data integrity by reducing bias error. The app is self-operating, requiring no user interaction or monitoring. It works like this: - after launch, the phone verifies whether it is in motion; - when the phone is motionless, the video camera will display sample frames in the upper-right window; - approximately one second after the video starts. a bias frame is captured and displayed in an adjacent window; - metrics data is calculated as both the sample frames and the bias frame are compared, which is temporarily stored on your phone (the data is displayed in the table and by the graph at 30 records per second); - after collecting 400 records, the records are uploaded to a centralized database while being deleted from your phone; then, the process is repeated until interrupted; - this process should continue until explicitly stopped by pressing the Hone button twice, and swiping the app window upwards to exit the app; - if the phone is moved at any time while the app is running, the video (sample frames) window and the bias frame window will disappear, and data will not be collected until the phone is motionless again. More information regarding the purpose of the DemonNet DAQ System and how the data collected by clients will be analyzed to achieve its goals is available on The Life of a Demoniac at: TECHNOLOGY | How to build a demon detector with your cellphone TECHNOLOGY | Detecting (real) demonic activity in digital media DIGEST | (TECHNOLOGY) Tips and Techniques for Processing Demonic Digital Media to Save the World TECH | "Demon net" iPhone app prototype PREVIEW | DemonNet for iOS Developers Human technology is not always the demonic inferior TECH | Apple approves DemonNet App for Beta Testing

7 May - 27 May

iOS 10.0 - 10.3.2

iPhone, iPad