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WeLearn Chinese - Test

by DW

Start learning Chinese (Mandarin) with WeLearn today! Master the Chinese (Mandarin) language within a few...

Start learning Chinese (Mandarin) with WeLearn today! Master the Chinese (Mandarin) language within a few minutes with our pocket dictionary. Practice how to pronounce words and phrases in Chinese (Mandarin) by listening to our audio guides. The better you get at hearing words, the better you will become at pronouncing them!WeLearn helps you to learn quickly and use a foreign language in any situation - buying an item in a shopping mall, making friends & socialising, asking for directions etc. A perfect handy phrase book that is easy to use and great for travel, holiday, business or even pleasure!WITH OVER 13 CATEGORIES TO CHOOSE FROM!OccupationsNumbersDate & TimeHome ColoursFood ToolsMedical Family Body ClothesTransportCommon PhrasesFEATURES- Ideal for everyday use- Two-way translation (Chinese to English OR English to Chinese)- Learn Chinese vocabulary from our wide range of topics, words and phrases. - Combined audio and text for effective language learning - Play audio in slow mode for better listening MORE LANGUAGES AVAILABLEWeLearn is also available in Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Tamil, Thai and Vietnamese. Get a complete series of our language apps by searching for “WeLearn".WE’D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK!If you like this app and find it useful, please take a few seconds to give us a rating. For any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us an email at: support@dezainwerkz.comFOLLOW US ONFacebook - - for workers, domestic helpers, foreign workers, employers, students, training centres and employment agencies. Download WeLearn today!

25 Sep - 2 Oct

Android 4.0 - 8.0

Phone, Tablet

Quizzes for the Smart Nation - Test

by Locking Partners

So, you’re the smartest person in your neighborhood… Grab a ticket and show it in...

So, you’re the smartest person in your neighborhood… Grab a ticket and show it in this amazing and challenging trivia game! The rules are simple: select the word you think goes in the box and correspond with the image shown. Tap the word to erase if you made a mistake. I’m sure you’ve taken other test like this, smarty! Test your brain in a wide variety of subjects and themes ranging from Fictional Places, Historical Figures, Videogames or Movie Villains! Is that Beethoven or Mozart!? Where is that place? Narnia or Asgard?! What does that even mean!? Ask yourself these questions and more with Quizzes for the Smart Nation! Play our Emojis test and guess the hidden message. A sequence of images that show Emojis and you need to figure out the meaning of the message! Is it Game of Thrones or Monopoly? Break the ice or Ice Breaker? Train your brain with these tests to find hidden messages with Emojis quiz! With this game, you’ll always have the word at the tip of your tongue… well; the words would be at the tip of your fingers, in this case, trying to guess the Emojis quiz! Quizzes for the Smart Nation test your knowledge on many topics and lets you train your brain and intelligence… Like every great brain teaser; try to remember the name of that movie from 1985, the name of that beautiful city you saw one time or even find out who has which hair silhouettes! Is that Donald Trump’s hair?! Duh! Let your kids play with this awesome trivia game and kids will learn a lot trying to guess some crazy answers and they’ll love it! Who doesn’t love a game that features Animals, Emojis AND Super Villains, all in one! Kids love trivia and quiz games! But also Adults will appreciate the inclusion of 80’s or 90’s movies, Landmarks and Countries themes to test their knowledge of things that they usually don’t remember, while young people learn from them. Great for every family member (well, just the smart ones)! This game is great for educating and practicing other languages too! Practice foreign languages with these tests to find out how are your language skill with this fun and smart trivia game! Right now is only available in English and Spanish but soon we’ll add more languages so you can learn more! Who knew you could practice a language with a game! * * * * * QUIZZES FOR THE SMART NATION INCLUDES * * * * * - Simple game mechanic! Pick letters to form words and phrases as you try to guess the image or message that is shown. - More than 15 categories of a wide variety of subjects like 2000’s movies, Landmarks, Cities, Animals, Videogames and much more! - Train your brain with the Emojis tests! Guess the Emojis hidden message drawn and entertain other with these hilarious puns! - More than 400+ quizzes to test your knowledge of general culture (more coming soon!) - Hours of challenging and educational quiz to help you learn more of the world. As old people say: knowledge is power! So, become powerful! - Keep your brain in shape with Daily Quizzes! - Great game for every age and family member, especially kids and adults! - Available in English and Spanish (more languages will be added soon). - Much more in future updates! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and news! If you have any questions or need to contact us, please send us an email to

20 Sep - 30 Sep

Android 4.1 - 8.0

Phone, Tablet

SendFrame Lite - WiFi Photo Frame Slideshow - Test

by Justin

Turn your iPad into a wifi connected digital photo frame. You can now display photos...

Turn your iPad into a wifi connected digital photo frame. You can now display photos when your iPad is charging. Instead of your iPad just sitting there when you're not using it, SendFrame can display a slideshow of all your photos. Put your iPad in a stand while its charging and you are all set. Once you download the SendFrame app you will get to personalize a SendFrame email address that friends and family will use to add photos to your photo frame. Gather photos from loved ones around the world by just sharing your SendFrame email address with them. This is an easy way to put photos on display that are normally hidden away on your phone or in an app. Breath life back into an unused iPad by turning it into a digital photo frame. F.A.Q. How does this work? 1. Download the app from the App Store. 2. During setup choose your own SendFrame email address. 3. After setup share your new SendFrame email address with friends and family. 4. Send photos as attachments to the SendFrame email address. 5. Put your iPad on display (we recommend using a stand and plugging it in). 6. Watch and enjoy as new photos are added to your slideshow. Who is this for? • Everyone that wants to get more use out of their iPad. • People that have unused iPad laying around collecting dust. • Grandparents who don’t have Facebook or Instagram. • Parents who want to show off new photos their children send them. • College kids that want to see whats going on at home. • Anyone who has photos stored and wants to show them off. What are the current features? • Personalize a SendFrame email address • Add photos by sending attachments to SendFrame • Rotate slideshow photos • Delete slideshow photos • Sleep Timer • Slideshow speed • Slideshow order • Prevents screen from going to sleep while slideshow is running How is this different from the paid version of SendFrame? • The paid version doesn't have ads. This version is supported by ads. Need a stand for your iPad? • Here's a decent cheap one: Where do I send ideas or comments? • We would love to hear your ideas. Email them to

7 Sep - 28 Sep

iOS 6.0 - 11.0


IveTime spontaneously for Sport, Party & Friends - Test

by Paul

Got some time and want to make the best out of it? Sick of wasting time...

Got some time and want to make the best out of it? Sick of wasting time asking friends if they are available and discussing about the venue? Most people love being spontaneous but are rather helpless when trying to be. What are you missing to be spontaneous? Sure, information about who's available at that particular moment and what amazing activity could be done where (without an information overflow that usually keeps us off from being really spontaneous)! The app IveTime creates better spontaneous moments by either recommending friends that are available and a suitable activity as well as a location that could create a great moment or an activity that can be done by the user on her own. 1. Focus on NOW IveTime enables us to live spontaneous moments by focusing the particular moment NOW, following the goal of spending time together with friends and family instead of meeting new people. Just swipe through your friends that are available to meet you. No need for planning, just go out now! 2. No information overflow People usually show a decision reluctance when being faced with too many options. In contrast to other social apps, IveTime just suggests the most suitable location and a matching activity instead of an overview of too many opportunities. 3. Absolute simplicity IveTime avoids a stressful app setup but instead strives for creating an amazing user experience straight from the first second. No registration needed, No extra friend adding mode. Just one tap is required for your spontaneous success moment. 4. Single activities IveTime suggests activities to you that can be undertaken on your own in case none of your personal contacts is available.

4 Sep - 25 Sep

Android 4.0.3 - 8.0

Phone, Tablet, Wearable