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Modi Key Run - Test

by Manoj kumar S

Finally We came to the End of the Demonetisation period of 50 days fight against...

Finally We came to the End of the Demonetisation period of 50 days fight against black money.So, from 1st January 2017- Old 500 and 1000 rupees have no values to it and all brand new Key Note 500 and 2000 rupees is taking over now. We all are waiting to see a positive outcome from this bold yet a tough move by Modi Ji and enjoy the fruitful result of it.We have made an Interesting 3 D running Game- Modi Key Run based on the above true event.For the First time ever, All New Notes- 2000 in a 3 D game that you can collect as a points. There are lots of obstacles in your way while collecting your new notes escape from it by a simple move, Just keeping running and get your money.You can collect interactive power up's on your way, which will help you to boost your score.If you got hit by an obstacle the you will get caught by Modi and the Income Tax Team for having the black money. So be careful in get away from it smartly and keep running. Complete the missions and achievements provided and We will add more achievements and mission going forward. We will also open our in- game Shop shortly where you can purchase game items and runner costumes.Modi Key Note RunModi Ki RunModi Key RunModi RunDisclaimer: This app is just for fun and purely for entertainment purpose,.Though there is lot of difference in opinion, We appreciate this bold initiative by our PM Modi Ji and stand with him in India against Black Money.Enjoy the game, Feedback and Reviews are highly appreciated.Thanks for trying this, Keep playing and share with friends.

8 Jan - 28 Jan

Android 3.2 - 7.1

Phone, Tablet, Wearable

Lost - Test

by Filipe Martins

Lost lets you find and follow the most important people in your life, without registering...

Lost lets you find and follow the most important people in your life, without registering anywhere. Lost allows you to find your contacts by the Internet or text messages (SMS). You can group and locate them by circles: family, friends, etc. Follow them in together mode that returns the distance between you and your contact, in the interval time defined in the settings. It launches an alarm if this passes the maximum safety distance you set. You don't have to be registered anywhere, nor create a user. Just choose on your phone the contact you want to locate and then the permission will be given locally by him, It is quite safe, very practical and completely anonymous. No one has access to any data the application receives and sends. You can choose to use the application through the Internet or text messages. You can also locate a lost phone and put it to ring remotely. With Lost your phone will be able to send distress messages if you are in trouble. You can do this by pressing a button or simply by shaking the phone. Keep the ones you love always at your sight! It's a good app to know where your sons are all the time. Your spouse. Or any loved one! Chances are endless! The application is divided in two modules: 1º: Lost, to install on your primary phone; 2º: Listen, in the ones to be located. Note: You need to install Listen, another application from the store, in the contacts you want to locate. It's easy to install it.

1 Jan - 22 Jan

Android 3.2 - 7.1

Phone, Tablet, Wearable