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MoveIt! Colors - Test is looking for testers

Part of the Plantz testing family

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MoveIt! Colors - Test, V 1.0

Developed by A. Howard

MoveIt! Colors is another fun, interactive, educational game for learning colors. Test your reflexes as Wootzy Aliens jump from ship to ship. When a Wootzy matches the correctly colored ship, touch the Wootzy to make a match. Watch out – the game gets faster as you get better. Challenge yourself...
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Must create account and log-in through STEMDash (activated when start app). Play for 10-15 minutes. Then login to website at and view play data. Must make comments about experience and suggest improvements on STEMDash - both on the app side and on the website.


Male & Female

18-55 years old

iOS 6.0 - 11.0

iPhone, iPad

Canada, Panama, United States, Virgin Islands, British, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand

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  Available 1 February - 4 February