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Morgan Smith

 United States, Murfreesboro
Female, 19

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iPhone 6s
iOS 10.2.1
iPhone 5s
iOS 10.2.1

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Astro Gods: Crusade of the Gladiators Games
Private test Productivity  
Mercatus - Student Marketplace Utilities Not rated
Highlight - books text image to text digitized - Test Books Not rated
Sunshine - Takes care of you - Beta Family test Healthcare & Fitness Not rated
Kiko - Create a Cartoon - Test Entertainment
Mediocre Sloth iMessage Sticker Pack- Test Entertainment Hi Morgan! Thank you so much for taking time to...
Tofu Heroes - v1.0.9 Entertainment
Skiplit - Test Games Thank you so much for your feedback and your time!...
One Voyage - TestOne Entertainment
Trendis - Test Entertainment
Benevo - Test Utilities Great feedback! Very much needed and you provided awesome detail...
Biopage - Test and Review Social Networking Thank you very much for testing the app, and glad... - Test Education Thank you very much Morgan for the feedback. I am...
IThanks - Test - work Social Networking
Vendefy - Test Social Networking
Test the app on your house party Music Thank you for so detailed and useful report!
Text Groups - easy SMS to contacts - Test Productivity To class tester. Great job!
Plantz - Test Games best - report - ever ! I really thank Morgan...
Fridgely - Syncing and Sharing Utilities Not rated
Tofu Heroes - v1.0.8 Entertainment
Zumb - Test Games Hi Morgan, Thank you for your feedback! The provided information is...
ASL-ASAP - Test Education Not rated
Tofu Heroes - v1.0.7 Entertainment
Play Eden Isle: Resort Paradise - Test Games
Tofu Heroes - v1.0.6 Entertainment
Make Me Fat - Test Games Not rated
Entrepreneur Quotes Entertainment
Miner - build your own mining company Games
Tofu Heroes - [v1.0.5] Entertainment
Private test Social Networking  
Number Tap! - Final Test Before Submission (BUG FIXES) Games Thanks for the report, will be working on the bugs...
UpSurf - iOS beta Utilities
The Last Tree - Test Games First of all, I must thank you again for your...
Miner - Test Entertainment Hi Morgan, it's really awesome feedback about my game. This is...
ReMix-Free Video Player & Multi Window for YouTube - Test Entertainment
VoodlesJump Endless and Addictive - Test Entertainment thanks a lot. if you like follow me @handmadeappsde on Twitter,...
Festlove - Test Entertainment
Private test Utilities  
GetWell - Treatment tracker Medical Thank you for testing again, your reports are always helpful!
Rising Warriors - Test Games Thanks for the feedback, appreciated for the time you have...
Rpnzl - Test Lifestyle Exemplary work. Superb attention to detail. Extremely thorough testing with...
Banksy Sticker Art - Test Utilities Not rated
Skiplit Entertainment
body-PRO Personal Trainer - Test Healthcare & Fitness Thank you Excellent feedback and details on issues that need to...
SearchApp - Test Reference
Monster Tale - Test Games
Queble - everyone's on demand personal translator Travel
Castle Breakout - Escape! - 18 Games That was one of my best feedbacks! Thanks Morgan!!
body-PRO Personal Trainer - Test Healthcare & Fitness Excellent feedback ... thank you
Private test Games  
Sticky Love - Test Entertainment
Get well - Treatment tracker - Test Medical Thanks a lot for the review, I will include you...
Crossroad Hero Games
Project - Derpy Fish - Test Games Awesome report. Very detailed and extremely helpful.
Scrabble Kingdom - Test Games Thank you for the honest opinion. We will take note...
My Wealth Manager - Test Finance Not rated
Yardie Driver - Test Entertainment Thanks for your input , we was going a basic...
COOK + CURE | Public Beta Test Healthcare & Fitness Not rated
Letz - Test Productivity We are grateful to have Morgan as a tester of...
Jetback Robot Test Entertainment Not rated
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
body-PRO Personal Trainer, build 335 Healthcare & Fitness Morgan tried many of the features and was able to...
Number Tap! v1.2 - Test Games
Whipster - Mobile iOS Navigation Not rated
ReMix - Free Multi Window Player for YouTube - Test Entertainment Thank you for your feedback. The updated menu is...
StormTrek - Test Weather
CityViewDVD - 3D AUGMENTED REALITY MAP - Test Navigation Not rated
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise - Test Games Excellent report, really detailed feedback and some bugs reported.
FitsyGames Games Not rated
Alpha Allianz - English iOS Test - Test Games