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Roma Sky

 Russian Federation
Male, 30

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Nexus 5X
Android 7.1.1
iPhone 7
iOS 10.0
G5 Dual SIM
Android 6.0.1
Galaxy S7
Android 6.0.1
iPhone 5s
iOS 11.0 b
Google Nexus 6P
Android 6.0.1
Android 6.0.1
Galaxy S6
Android 6.0.1
Nexus 5
Android 6.0.1
iPhone 6 plus
iOS 9.3.5

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Babla the social playground - Test Social Networking Thanks for joining the Babla test and taking the time...
localgenii - initial test Travel Helpful feedback, including screenshot of bug encountered. Thanks for your...
Secret app: learn English words and grammar - Test Education
Lost Forest TD Android - Final Test Entertainment Thank you!
Swish Video - Test Entertainment
SQEDit - Test Productivity Thank you for the feedback! We are working in enahcing...
MirriM. - Test Games Not rated
eercast Lifestyle
Laserthread - Find, test, rate Social Networking
Eplpsy - Test Games Not rated
Mercatus - Student Marketplace Utilities Not rated
Poster Map - Plakatkarte - Test - Android Entertainment Not rated
Biopage - Test and Review Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and suggestions! The...
The Last Tree - Test Games Definitely one of the testers who helped me dozens of...
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - Test Entertainment Many thanks for your feedback! It helps us a lot...
SokoBan Free - Test Entertainment Thanks for the report. Nice job
English Game - Test Education Thank you for testing! I saved some of your suggestions for...
Jack The Jumper Man- Test 2 - Test Entertainment Thanks for playing and testing!Please keep playing thanks
Geocam - Test Photo & Video Great feeback, helped me iron out a few bugs, very...
JungleRush - Test Games
Skiplit Entertainment
The Call Button - Golf Course Test Navigation Not rated
Run Run Run - Test 1 Games
Castle Breakout - Escape! - 18 Games Thanks Roma good feedback!
Private test Games  
ManzilApp New Flat UI Test Travel Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into best way...
Tellit App - 1.3.8 Social Networking Not rated
Letz - Android Beta - Pre release test Productivity Not rated
Project - Derpy Fish - Test Games Pointed out a crucial bug in an older version of...
ChatAPP - Test Social Networking
MirriM. - Test Entertainment Thanks for pointing out a bug. :)
Monster Truck Destruction™ - Test Entertainment Provided feedback via email (prefer to use BetaFamily forms) Didn't leave...
I LIKE RADIO - Test Entertainment Thank you for your report. It would be nice if...
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
ManzilApp Trips Testing Travel Thanks for the feedback Roma. Will work on the suggestions,...
OpenTime 0.4.1 Business Not rated
Private test Games  
ImagesCal Sixth Test Productivity Thanks for the report!!
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise - Test Games Thank you for playing the game and submitting the report....
Halo Jumps - Test Games Not rated
inCaller - Rich Media Calls - Test - copy Utilities
Private test Games  
Call Whoo - Caller Beta Test Social Networking
ImagesCal Fourth Test Productivity Thanks for your honest and great feedback!!
Crossy Spikes Games
Hero Panda Bomber Games Thx for your effort and a feedback!
Martial Towers - Tower Defense Action Game Games Thanks for playing and your feedback. It is great help.
Music Baby Entertainment Not rated
Extreme Forklifting 2 Android Games
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.11 Sports Hi Roma, As per your request i also reduced the ad...
Tappy Toes being featured on the App Store shortly! Games Excellent feedback and love the suggestions about other items to...
Private test Games  
Peik the Penguin Games Thank you for the report and your suggestions!
Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles (v661) Games Hi Roma, thanks for testing and your feedback. Did you know the...
FareBuddy Beta IOS Books
SpotWiFi Beta Test Utilities
Insight: View the World through Images Social Networking Thank you very much for taking your time to beta...
Lolmess Beta 1 group5 Entertainment
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Test Social Networking Great tester. Quick to install and try app. Great honest...
Braaag competitions first beta test Social Networking Thank you for your review and important comments!
Hyperspace Pinball for Android Games
1st Weather Thank you for informative answers to questions!
Cricket hit beta Sports Hi Roma, I like to thank you for your valuable feedback,...
grub test Food & Drink Not rated
iHalal Food & Drink Professional Bug Reporting with snapshots and clear test case execution....
ZyroSky-3D Games Very good insight provided on how to improve game.
hashGAB - Video Parody Maker - iOS testers Photo & Video Not rated
Car Toll - car spendings app Finance Very good report, thanks!
Project - Castle Breakout - Escape! - 3 Games Thanks Roma, excellent feedback! Much appreciated...!
Readinity 1.0 build 6 Utilities
Beholder DJ Games Fine!
Wurd Torn Games Thank you for trying Wurd Torn! The postimg site...
LOLMESS BETA 1 Entertainment
Puzzle the picture - Free multiplayer game Games Thanks for checking out my game
Tap'n Slide Beta v2 Games Thank you very much for your feedback, and for the...
Shopping List Utilities Thank you very much for your feedback!
Meal Planner and Food Manager iOS Food & Drink Very thorough tester - even submitted a video of the...
Private test Games  
echoezz Business
Apollo user feedback test Social Networking Concise, informative answers to questions. Please use the on-page screenshot...
Rainimals iOS Beta - Stage 2 Games Thank you for your continued support and feedback.
MediKeep Android - languages Medical Особое спасибо за корректировку текстов! :)
MediKeep - languages iOS Medical Thanks for testing.
Tap'n Slide Beta Games Thank you very much for your report, and the screenshots. I...
UKnight Test 1 Games Hi Roma, thanks so much for the feedback! Sorry...
Tosify Lifestyle Thank you for your superb feedback.
Surf Lifestyle Not rated
WordGenius Games Thank you for your help and effort.
Test 0 Books Not rated
Gift4u Android Entertainment Not rated
Cradle Of Empires Games Thanks! Nice job!
Guess Movie Games Amazing report with a lot of useful insights! Thank you...
Test friendzi on appstore Social Networking Not rated
Touchphrase (special needs communication) Education Thank you for the very quick response. Your comments...
Rainimals iOS Beta Games Thank you for your feedback and support.
Cradle Of Empires Games Thanks for your help!
Project - Hay Ewe Beta1 Games Excellent tester! Great reporting with comprehensive descriptions and prompt testing. Will...
Glue Public Beta Test Photo & Video
Dune: A Puzzle Game Games Thank you for your feedback.
Remember? Games Thank you.
PVP Protection modes Games Thank you!
Fatality Share Games Thank you!
Cook4 (v0.3) Social Networking
V1.1.04 test Music Very well written report with crash reports, What more can...
Smash Time > Beta testing phase 1 Games Good feedback and quick! Nevertheless it would be great to...
Multifleet app Test Business
Project - Castle Breakout - Escape! - puzzle design critique Games Excellent feedback Roma, thanks so much!!
Starfly Productivity
Bit:möb Radius Communicator: IOS Test 2015 October Social Networking A great tester who kept trying even after initial difficulties...
the MashrooM prelaunch test_v1 Music Thanks for your work!
Fourvote Lifestyle We thank you for the report and the feedback, and...
Ballista Beta Games Thank you for your feedback!
Trippin' Test Games Not rated
Bamboo Quest - Looking for feedback Books Thank you for testing. I removed the Russian translation, i'll...
Manual Capture Photo & Video Not rated
Project - Tapping Wizard Blades Books
Private test Games  
Evlop Line jump Games great report. thank you. We will try to implement the...
Running Game - Free Games Great feedback, thanks.
Commons for iOS - copy Entertainment
Mimme Beta 3.0 Photo & Video Roman, thank you for your work!
Tapping Wizard Blades Open Beta Games
OpenTime 0.3.0 Business Tasks and feedback was complete and helpful.
Sky Roads Games Great Honest feedback! Since the game didn't work correctly I...
Snippz Beta App Test Entertainment Gave very good feedback and discovered new bugs in my...
Linejumptest Books Not rated
Tapping Wizard Blades Games
Kitty Pop Pirates User Testing Games Not rated
Myidol 1.6 beta Entertainment
Mindivision 1.1 Games Very detailed feedback!
Minichat public beta 3.0 Social Networking Thanks for the quick feedback! We'll make sure to get...
Secugo Social Networking Dear, Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards, Secugo support
ANDROID GAMES Games Not rated
Test very simple 3 page Android App Business Thanks
Castle Breakout - Escape! HD Games Excellent feedback, thanks!
Skiing Yeti Mountain Games
Castle Breakout - Escape! HD (take 2) Games good review, thanks!
Cubador_01 Games Thank you for your report, especially for making the effort...
Mini Maestro Music Thanks for the feedback!
ShowBoard Photo & Video thanks for your detailed testing
Neon Blok - Draw the Line Blok Adventures Games Thanks a lot for your report. It allow me to see...
Mobile Game Test Games Very detailed testing. Good Work
Nugget Empire iOS Games Hello Roma, thank you for your test report! The problem that you...
Ojuu Lifestyle Not rated
Silent Ringer Ex Productivity Very detailed report - bugs are described clearly with corresponding...
Cable - the exclusive music channel for you and your friends Music hey Roma, thanks a lot for helping us test the app....
Double! Games Спасибо! Запросил права доступа по ссылкам на Google Drive.
Orange - Unique inspiration Games Hi Roma, thanks a lot for your constructives comments. All comments are...