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Tim Moss

 United States, Easley
Male, 42

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iPhone 7 plus
iOS 10.1.1
Android 4.4.4
iPhone 6
iOS 9.3.5
Galaxy S6 Edge
Android 6.0.1
Galaxy S7 Edge
Android 6.0.1
Gear S
Android 6.0.1
Watch Edition 42mm
iOS 9.3.5
iPod touch 4
iOS 6.1.6
iPad Air 1
iOS 9.3.3
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
Android 6.0.1
iPad Air 1
iOS 9.3.5
iPhone 6s Plus
iOS 9.3.5
iPhone 6 plus
iOS 10.0

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Numst3rs - Test Entertainment Hi Tim, We very happy from your report We would be...
Fridgely - Syncing and Sharing Utilities
Popularitee - Test Entertainment
Trick The Cat - Test Games Hi Tim, Thank you for suggestions. As you can see I use...
Master Bass Angler - Beta Test Games
Chatie - Test Social Networking Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate you taking the...
Smash Arrow - Test Games Thank you Tim for the report.
Zoomvy samescreen - new Test Entertainment
Make Me Fat - Test Games Not rated
Entrepreneur Quotes Entertainment
TapTrixx open Alpha Games
Miner - build your own mining company Games
Pixured Entertainment Not rated
Trick The Cat - Test Entertainment Very constructive comments. One of the best testers.
Number Tap! - Final Test Before Submission (BUG FIXES) Games Thanks for the amazing report as always Tim, glad to...
The Last Tree - Test Games Well, definitely, Tim is one of the best tester in...
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - Test Entertainment Thanks for your valuable feedback, it help us a lot...
Sharin - Access Transfer View Cloud & WiFi Files - Test Utilities Not rated
Feedr - Test Social Networking
VoodlesJump Endless and Addictive - Test Entertainment thanks a lot. if you like follow me @handmadeappsde on Twitter,...
xShopper - Android Entertainment Not rated
xShopper - Test - v4 Lifestyle Not rated
Private test Utilities  
GetWell - Treatment tracker Medical Thanks for the feedback and the bug screenshot, you have...
Rising Warriors - Test Games Thanks for the feedback, appreciated for the time you have...
OF Launcher- New Launcher 2016 - Test Utilities
Inmeet - Test Entertainment Thank you very much!
Banksy Sticker Art - Test Utilities
Geocam - Test Photo & Video
[Apple Watch App] ActiveMAZE beta - Apple Watch 3D Fitness Game Entertainment Thank you for you report and feedback.
SPEERIT - Test#1 Sports Thanks Tim for your time and feedback!
JungleRush - Test Games Thanks Tim ;)
Sharin - Access Transfer View Cloud & WiFi Files - Test Utilities Thank you for your valuable feedback. Will take your comments...
Crushh Entertainment Great feedback! Thank you so much :)
Chefter - Real Time Culinary Guidance Food & Drink Not rated
Skiplit Entertainment
Vesrion 2.5 Social Networking excellent job. this tester provides very insightful feedback
Run Run Run - Test 1 Games
body-PRO Personal Trainer - Test Healthcare & Fitness Thank you for your feedback and comments
Monster Tale - Test Games Thanks for report!
Puzzle Simulator 3D - Beta Test Games Thank you very much for your report Tim!
Wandle Lifestyle Thank you so much for helping us in testing the...
Monster Tale - Test Games
Sticky Love - Test Entertainment The best tester there ever was and ever will be.
Crossroad Hero Games
Hit the Gem - Test Entertainment Not rated
Hit the Gem! - Test Entertainment Not rated
Feedr - Test Productivity Thanks a lot tim. Your reviews are always great! We...
-PuzzleTime- Jigsaw puzzles - BETA2 Games Not rated
Yardie Driver - Test Entertainment Thanks for your feedback we will add more things and...
Yardie Driver - Test Entertainment Thanks for your feedback we will add more things and...
PokerUP! - Test Entertainment Not rated
COOK + CURE | Public Beta Test Healthcare & Fitness Tim's feedback was VERY helpful. He's a very thoughtful, helpful,...
Jetback Robot Test Entertainment Not rated
HootOut - Test Social Networking Hey Tim, your feedback always makes me come up with...
Crow Public Test Games This is the second game test with Tim. Like before,...
Zombie Alfa Run - Test Games As always, great report :)
Number Tap! v1.2 - Test Games
Hitch - Test Entertainment Not rated
HootOut - Test Social Networking Thanks a lot Tim !! It really helped us to...
Scramble - HD Space Combat Games Not rated
Drift GEAR Racing Free - Test Entertainment Once again, Tim! Thank you very much for a feedback,...
Vesrion 2.3 Social Networking Good work. He made me aware of some usability flaws
OpenTime 0.4.1 Business Not rated
BaBBle U - Test Social Networking Not rated
BaBBle U - Test Social Networking Not rated
Dead Zone - Test Games Great tester and knows his stuff!
FlyEx Traveler - Aviator 68C95BC (V2) Travel Not rated
StormTrek - Test Weather
CityViewDVD - 3D AUGMENTED REALITY MAP - Test Navigation Not rated
CityViewDVD - 3D Augmented Reality Map - Test Navigation Not rated
IObit Applock2.0 - Test Productivity Thank you Tim, for your always 100% support!!!!!!!
Monster Truck Destruction™ - Test Games
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise - Test Games Great report, lots of detail! Thank you!
NetAngel Protection - Test Utilities By far the best tester I've had. Very good...
Project - Paperplane - painless travel planning - Test Entertainment Not rated
Fondo – interactive wallpaper - Test Productivity
FitsyGames Games Not rated
MoveIt! Colors - Test Entertainment Thanks for the FB sharing and leaderboard suggestions!!
FlyEx Traveler - Aviator 68C95BC (V1) Travel
Feedr - Test Social Networking
Busy Bees Mobile - Live Testing! Travel Tim Moss really earns his 5-star rating as a tester...
Wonder Wally - Test Entertainment thank you very much for your report, we highly appreciate...
Swap- Connections Made Easier - Test Social Networking Tim you are the best Beta Tester I have ever...
Jape Particles - Test Entertainment
Tap The Dot - Test Games
Tiltz - Tutorial Test Games
Match Drop - Test Games Fantastic tester. Gives great advice.
Caveman Hustles - Test Entertainment Thank you for your time and assistance in testing the...
Rob Me - Test Entertainment Excellent Tester. Tests thoroughly on all major devices, and returns...
Poplar - Test Lifestyle Not rated
Teasing flowers - Test Entertainment Not rated
Farm Charm Stress Testing Round 3 Games Another great report from Tim! Goes above and beyond and...
xShopper - Test - v3 Lifestyle
Backdrafts - Test Games Very good test and report. Thank you for your deep...
StormTrek - Test Weather Great tester which gives a lot of hints about the...
StormTrek - Test Weather Very helpful tester. He gave me a lot of hints...
Private test Games  
Covve - Professional contacts - Test Business Not rated
Match Drop - Test Games
Treple - Test Games Detailed and useful feedback. Thanks for testing Treple!
Break Time Healthcare & Fitness Thank you for your suggestions and marketing strategies!
ImagesCal Sixth Test Productivity Thanks for the great feedback and suggestions!!!
xShopper - Test - v2 Lifestyle
Youtube Comments. Test 2 Entertainment Thanks for the input once again :D
Tiltz - Boosters Test Games
Private test Games  
Swell AR - Test Photo & Video
Youtube Comments. - Test Entertainment Thanks as always!
Blix - Test Entertainment
Shadow Jump Games
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise - Test Games Great report, thanks for all the feedback Tim and for...
Halo Jumps - Test Games Not rated
Laserthread Social Network For iPhone Test - copy Social Networking
Lightphaser Loopbox - Open Beta Test - version 1.2 Music Thank you very much for the feedback! You are a...
Heroes of stridgard little - Test Games Very good feedback provides many useful tips. Took time in...
xShopper - Test Lifestyle
Mighty Pixel Boy: Retro Arcade - Test Entertainment Not rated
Tiltz - Initial Public Test Games
Busy Bees - Test Travel Tim was very extensive with his reporting. He maintained constant...
Project - Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles - Test Games Thank you, Tim. Facebook connect is planned. My current focus is to...
Mighty Pixel Boy - Test Entertainment
IObit Applock - beta2 Utilities
Revealio - Cards Come Alive! - Test Entertainment Very insightful. Thanks
FareBuddy Beta 100 - Test Travel
Shadow Jump - Test Games
Call Whoo - Caller Beta Test Social Networking
Samurai Subway Run - Test Entertainment
Drag Racing : Pro Clutch - Test Games "Tim Moss", write this name down you may need in...
Etsuri - iOS News Not rated
Reelnote - Test Entertainment
Sox In The City - Test Sports
IeHop Live Streaming Android App Business Thank you Tim for your excellent suggestions again. We are...
IObit Applock Utilities Hi Tim, Thank you for testing IObit Applock and giving us...
Guest List, Invite-Remind-RSVP - Test Lifestyle Not rated
Spherex - Test Entertainment Tim had a lot of great feedback that lead me...
Guzzly Plane - Test Games Helpful feedback! Thank you.
Ask a Bubble - Concept Test - copy Books Not rated
IeHop - Live Streaming iOS App Business Tim had some amazing observations, that would make the app...
Xtinct - The First Battle - Test Games Thanks for the report! Xtinct is now live on Google Play! Please...
VisualCV Resume Builder - Test Books
POUNDit - Personal Development Challenges - Test Books I loved your feedback and enthusiasm about our app. You...
Flappy Bat - Cavern Travels - Test Games Always a pleasure to work with Tim. He's very professional...
MirriM Games Very good feedback
SlotMasters - Test Games A+ must have tester!
WeatherStreetStyle Travel Thank you very much Tim, very good report.
Flappy Bat - Cavern Travels - Test Books Very professional and an extraordinary amount of experience. Gave the...
Assassin 101 v5 Games
Number Tap! - Test Games Thanks for your feedback Tim, You've been a great help....
Fuzd - Meet new people from around the world - Test Social Networking Not rated
PostYo - Links and photos feature testing Books Best tester you will ever find. Period.
Quick Math: Mathematics Time Trial - Test Books Very helpful reviewer. I would highly recommend this tester.
Fuzd - Meet new people from around the world - Test Social Networking Tim was extremely helpful and participated in multiple versions of...
BaliFied - Word Game of the Gods - Android 2nd test Games The perfect beta tester! Always have a lot of feedback...
OneView Calendar - Test Books Thanks for a great report
Ditopa - A Fantastic Brick Breaker Books Thank you for valuable report
Private test Sports  
BaliFied - Word Game of the Gods - iOS - Games Tim is the perfect tester. Really happy with all his...
MirriM 4.0 Games
Mountain Trek Habits to Health App Productivity
Assassin 101 v4 Games
Crossy Spikes Games
Lolmess Beta 1 group6 Books Not rated
Raindrops - Beta Test Games Not rated
Floaties Games Thank you so much for the awesome feedback, will certainly...
PostYo Version 2.0! Social Networking Best tester around! Will spend actual real time talking with...
Liquido - Mix and Manage your Liquids Lifestyle Not rated
Raindrops - Beta Test Games Not rated
SHFFL - Match Music To Your Pace Healthcare & Fitness Tim, thanks so much for the detailed report! I found...
Lookmark 2 Beta 5 Utilities
UKnight USA 1 Games Tim is one of the best testers we've seen. ...
Project - Etsuri News
phlow iOS Photo & Video Not rated
Farm Charm Games Tim is both a thorough tester and a skilled software...
BaliFied - Word Game of the Gods - Android Games Tim is the perfect beta tester. He really does more...
Assassin 101 Games
City Salvation: Drone Wars Games Tim is the most helpful beta tester I have found...
Tosify™ Lifestyle Thank you for your superb report. Incredibly valuable comments and...
Amalgam 2.2 Books
New horizon Games
Private test Games  
Sweet Recipes Food & Drink Great test , thank you!
Panda Bomber Dark Lands Books Thx for testing and all the inspiring ideas!
Private test News  
Data Track App for iOS - copy Utilities
Crossing Skies Games Excellent feedback.Helped me very much.Played my game in depth and...
Private test Games  
Hero Panda Bomber Games Thx again for the very useful review!
Martial Towers - Tower Defense Action Game Games Great tester. Very detailed feedback and helpful information from a...
Clash of Tanks! Games Just great report. Really helpful. Really looking forward for our...
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.12 Sports
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.11 Sports your are awesome as always :)
Flingbox - Media Center App with Social & DLNA/UPnP Entertainment Very informative throughout the entire duration of the test and...
Spiritual Me - Four New Routines Lifestyle Very good feedback!!!
Stalkie Social Networking Not rated
my Global Conference - Group Call - beta test and get 10 € of free call credits for your feedback. Business
Floaties Games Thx for the helpful comments!
Sushi Heroes Games Glad you liked it. Very nice feedback. Taking your feedback...
Private test Sports  
my Global Conference - Group Call Books
Tappy Toes being featured on the App Store shortly! Games Awesome feedback and will be shortlisting to have hire this...
Amalgam 2.0 Test Books
Peik the Penguin Games Thank you for your feedback!
Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles (v661) Games Thanks alot for testing and your report!
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.10 Sports
Private test Games Not rated  
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Replies Feature Test Social Networking
SpotWiFi Beta Test Utilities Thanks for all the great feedback!
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.9 - copy Sports Thanks for your time. feedback's like this encourages me a...
New horizon test Games
Tosify™ Lifestyle Thank you for your great report + superb suggestions and...
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Photo Update Test Social Networking The best tester we have had. Detailed in his feedback...
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.7 Sports Hi mate, Thanks for your valuable and extensive testing , I...
Private test Entertainment  
WeatherStreetStyle Travel
XQuest - 2 Social Networking Unfortunately, it does not depend on us. We invited about...
Jack The Jumper Man test-1 Games Thanks Tim for your feedback , good work ,keep playing
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Test Social Networking Great tester. Quick to install and try app. Great honest...
XQuest Social Networking
Beholder DJ - Beta Games Thanks! Aweseome! Just checked the your report! :)
Hyperspace Pinball for iOS Games
Hyperspace Pinball for Android Games
Tower Defense; Xtinct: The First Battle Games Gave the game a proper playthrough, and wrote a detailed...
Private test Business  
ZyroSky-3D Games Excellent information. Thank you!
Private test Entertainment  
Project - Castle Breakout - Escape! - 3 Games Excellent feedback Tim. Greatly appreciate your time and efforts....