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Zsolt Simon

 United States
Male, 24

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Galaxy S4
Android 5.0.1
iPad Pro (9.7 inch)
iOS 11.1 b
Galaxy S4 Mini LTE
Android 4.4.2
iPhone 8
iOS 11.0.3
Android 7.1
Honor 7 Dual SIM
Android 6.0.1
iPhone 5
iOS 10.3.3
Nexus 7
Android 5.1

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Whipster - iOS Test Travel Not rated
ReAble Wallet - Test Finance Not rated
localgenii - further testing Travel Helpful suggestions and constructive feedback. Recommended tester!
Babla the social playground - Test Social Networking Thanks for joining the Babla test and for taking the...
Babla the social playground - v0.4 Social Networking Thanks for joining the Babla test and for taking the...
Meing - Test Utilities Not rated
localgenii - initial test Travel Great comments and suggestions, helpful feedback on bugs encountered. Excellent...
Sirved - Android Test Food & Drink
Sirved - IOS Test Food & Drink
VineJump - Test Games Not rated
Snowroll – add voice stickers on your photos - Test - copy Photo & Video Not rated
Beta Testing for Astro - 'Siri for health & nutrition' Entertainment
YouSnapp - Test Entertainment
Hauler Inc - Test Entertainment Not rated
JoJo - Coffee On The Go - Test Food & Drink Not rated
Loop - Test Social Networking Not rated
Astro Gods: Crusade of the Gladiators Games
Private test Healthcare & Fitness  
Biopage - Social Media ID Card Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and the feedback!...
Private test Games  
Biopage - Test the updated app, welcome new users! Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and the feedback!...
Letter Bounce - Test Games Not rated
eercast Lifestyle
iCAN - Home for your goals - Test Productivity A good use of language, but it would be good...
BULLIT - Test Social Networking
Mercatus - Student Marketplace Utilities Not rated
MoveIt! Colors - Test Education Thanks! Good point made about the https.
Biopage - Test and Review Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and suggestions! The...
Fridgely - Syncing and Sharing Utilities Not rated
UpSurf - iOS beta Utilities
Queble - everyone's on demand personal translator Travel
ManzilApp New Flat UI Test Travel Thanks for the feedback.
Letz - Android Beta - Pre release test Productivity Not rated
Trendis – Trending Now! - Test Entertainment
ChatAPP - Test Social Networking
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
ManzilApp Trips Testing Travel Thanks for the feedback. Will look into your suggestion appropriately....
Veri - Alpha App Entertainment Not rated
Call Whoo - Public Figures Beta Test Social Networking
Halo Jumps - Test Games Not rated
Laserthread Social Network For iPhone Test - copy Social Networking
FareBuddy Android - Test Travel
FareBuddy Beta 100 - Test Travel
Mark My Words - Test Games
Jelly Jamz - Test Games Not rated
Ask a Bubble - Concept Test Books
ImagesCal Fourth Test Productivity Thanks for your honest and thorough feedback!!
Private test Sports  
Happer Social Networking Thank you for testing Happer and for the feedback.
Tappy Toes Games
ZEN 1.0 Beta Test Photo & Video Thanks for completing the test. I would have liked...
Bite Five - Beta Food & Drink
Private test Healthcare & Fitness  
LOLMESS BETA 1 Group 4 Entertainment
Planet Revenge (iOS) Games
Apollo user feedback test Social Networking Tester unable to test app.
Bottom Battle Games Very helpful feedbacks..
Frames App Social Networking User had problems logging in with app and we didn't...
Private test Healthcare & Fitness  
Private test Games  
Domino Galaxy Games Thank you for your feedback!
The Graffter Test - 0 Social Networking
Private test Games Not rated  
Equalicious - The Coolest Math Puzzle Game Games Thanks a lot!
Pock & Palam - Version 2 Entertainment Thank you Zslot, however in order to make the report...
Outer Rim Assault Gameplay Test Games Thank you for you feedback
Private test Games Not rated  
HBO Games Not rated
rMove Long Distance Testing Travel Not rated
Barua | Post your day Books Thanks a lot for the feedback, we will definitely look...
Secugo Social Networking Dear Zsolt, Thank you for your feedback. A tutorial is indeed planned...
Beeing Newton - Gameplay Test Games Great feedback that was easy to follow and directly relevant...
ANDROID GAMES Games Not rated
IOS TESTING Games Not rated
OpenTime 0.3.5 - paid Business While we are sorry he had a problem installing the...
Puzzle Chat - version 2 Test Photo & Video
Commons for iOS Entertainment
Royal Legacy User Testing Games Not rated
xeer iOS beta Social Networking Good, straightforward feedback.
Cat Party Entertainment Not rated
FileCast Books Thanks a lot for the report. There is no logout button....
Cubador_02 Games
Pendilly Beta is Live Social Networking Not rated
SignMyPad testing Business Not rated
everyStory Beta Testing #1 Photo & Video Not rated
Duelo Round 2 Social Networking Not rated
Myidol 1.5.7 beta test Ver.2 Entertainment
Puzzle Chat Public Test Photo & Video
Radio APP Entertainment Not rated
Sign Up and test Education Not rated
Castle Breakout - Escape! - Android Games good feedback, thanks!
Peek-a-boo iOS Games Not rated
Private test Games Not rated  
Zuno: Rescue the Souls Games Feedback was ok.. Not sure if player played all levels.....
Insider Beta Test 1 Social Networking Thanks so much for your valuable feedback. You helped us...
SocialNightlife Test2 Lifestyle
Yetti Beta 2 Lifestyle Not rated
Private test Travel  
SocialNIghtlife Test1 Lifestyle
camzero Photo & Video Not rated
No Tow Utilities Thank you for taking the time to test No Tow!...
Donuts in Space Games Not rated
Rails of Glory test Games Not rated
DocChat diagnostics Medical Not rated
Test Tribal Rivals version 2.0 Games
QubiMail Utilities Thank you for your help ;)
Login/Sign Up Travel
General test Books Not rated
Sortpad - app testing Photo & Video Thank you for your help Zsolt!
Epiros Chronicle Games Not rated
Swizzle2 Music Not rated
Mailendar Pro test Productivity Thanks. Would have appreciated more detailed suggestions or comments.
Drangon Fall No.2 Games Not rated
Heros War Games Not rated
VS:US Social Networking Thank you for participating in the test. Can you please describe...
Private test Healthcare & Fitness Not rated  
Use Your Handwriting 8.0 - copy Business Thanks for testing, Zsolt. If you happen to have the...
Drangon Fall Games Not rated
Reapers Games Not rated
Deadly Highway Games Not rated
Flirt Planet Play Games Great stuff. Many thanks for testing, Seb
Hero Sky Games Not rated
Forza Football Test #1 Sports Well formed answers, maybe a little bit short. Is the...
Slipnote Social Networking Not rated
Hitlist Music Thanks so much Simon for the time you put in...
Dubify Entertainment Thanks for helping out with the testing and feedback. Cheers, Rory
Turn And Learn Education Thank you for your review.
Voice Command Alarm Clock Test Lifestyle Tnank you
Stylewiki Entertainment Not rated
Whisk iOS 2.4 Food & Drink Not rated
#Eight - Math IQ Puzzle Game Games Not rated
Family Compass Lifestyle Thank you for your time and effort.
Back to the West - Android game Games Thanks a lot for testing our game!
Price Helper Android Finance Zsolt, thank you for your work!
Talking Magic Rabbit - Final Games Appreciate the report, happy beta testing!
Price Helper iOS Travel Thank you for your work.
Bunnies' Empire Android Games Thanks for playing!
Flirt Planet Play Games Great stuff. Thanks for testing , Seb
Sharem'up bug challenge Utilities Your report is not complete. A bug should be declared...
Legend of Brightness v 1.1 Games I can't see anything in your report but one sentence:...
Back to the West game Games Thanks a lot for testing our game!
ChowHound Games Thanks for testing / playing the game Zsolt.
Under The Moon Games Not rated
Drop The Spot - android Social Networking Not rated
Drop The Spot - iOS Social Networking Could use a little more substance to constructive and negative...
showsfeed Entertainment
Swizzle Music Thank you for participating in the test :)
Alice in Runtheland for Tango Games Thank you for participating in the test.
Keukey Productivity Thank you for participating in the test :)
Cow Gunner Games Thank you for participating in the test :)
Night WatchE. Games Thank you for participating in the test.
Bridgecall Utilities Not rated
Numberkiz Education Thank you for participating in the test.
Crash of Empires Games Thank you for participating in the test.
Lucky Kanji Lifestyle Not rated
Binocular Scanner Utilities Bad Report
Rub Rub Rub 2.0 Games Not rated
Chinmania Entertainment Thank you for your feedback. No videos uploaded though.
Raindancer Games Thank you for your feedback, but you didn't upload any...
Eternity Cloud Productivity My tests were focused on data synchronisation, therefore I asked...
Burger Brawl Games Thanks for your comments. Regards, Curry Technologies.
Chinmania Entertainment Not rated
Gendre v0.0.6 Utilities Thanks!
Photo Quiz Books
Overkill Mafia 0.9 Books Not rated
Private test Healthcare & Fitness  
Private test Productivity Not rated  
Flirt Planet Play Games Not rated
Flirt Planet Meet Social Networking Not rated
Miniverse Games Great feedback! Thank you!
Face Replace! Entertainment
Knovio Mobile Productivity Thank you very much for your report. It was...
Private test Productivity  
Scout it Books
UNRAVL Utilities Not rated
UNRAVL Utilities
Bitcorder Entertainment Yes, I hit the yes. It's in my library. It...
App Habits (Round 2) Productivity Hello Simon,nnthanks for you support in testing App Habits and...
Santa Backup Utilities Thank you. Other cloud services will be added in next...
Head Monsters Games Not rated
Finovera Finance Not rated
Anagram Twist Games Not rated
Steganos Online Shield Utilities
Scout it Social Networking Not rated
Takes Photo & Video Not rated
OutCatch v1.5 Games The major issue for this game is to move outdoors....
EndGods Games Not rated
Dare You Entertainment Thank you for your report, will take into concentration
ZyroSky Games
Darling4me Social Networking Hey Markus,nnIt was Austria, with some random zip code. Probably...
Quini Wine Lifestyle Not rated
MELD Social Networking Can you please provide IOS version and Device type.....
Amazing Loops Games Not rated
Amazing Loops Games Not rated
LabelMe Photo Photo & Video
Terrain Launcher Productivity Not rated
Pick 'Em Football Sports Not rated
Looking For Players Utilities Thank you for your time
Quick Hoops Basketball Games
VS. Game Games
Welcome to Space Games Basically said the game wasn't something they would normally enjoy....
Phonnix BETA Productivity
TurboIRC Social Networking Not rated
Super Tinboy Games Thanks a lot for playing the game :D. The challenge...
Spot from Space Games Thank you so much for your comprehensive beta report!
Cabin Social Networking
Private test Games Not rated  
Tearible Monster Run (Test #1) Games Very helpful insight. Thanks for taking your time to...
Funpoll - Funny Questions Entertainment Many thanks, Zsolt Simon! We liked very much your report....
HandyDiary Lifestyle Thanks! Yes the lock system is a problem right now,...
Bowmaster Target Range Games Not rated
PageQuest Education Developer was not able to write a working sign up...
Hero of Shaolin Games
Clowdy Entertainment Not rated
YoutubeTracklist Music Not rated
Private Box Utilities
Pogoplug Productivity Hello,nnSo after a few days, I think huge and annoying...
Doodly Doo Social Networking Not rated
Whot! Mobile Games Not rated
Coolki Games Not rated
Star Boy Games Hi!nnThank you for the report. I changed many levels to...
Snake Train Games Thansk for the feedback. I'll have no idea how to...
Words Games Great report. Some good insights about login methods we had...
Track Location Travel I'll consider develop a new icon and a make a...
Cypher Bot Utilities Thanks for the feedback! We'll definitely keep up the good...
MonsterUp Adventures Games Not rated
Symphonic Music
Imbascorer Utilities Decent reportnnThanks a bunch
Obi Mobile Productivity bar code scanner feature is implemented already. you need the...
WORDWAVE Keyboard Productivity That's not true, you should just read between the lines....
SnapOodle Photo & Video you are welcome! :)
FaceGag Entertainment Great, keep it up the good work :)
Ninja Shuriken Games Thanks very much for your helpful comments.
Deep Sleep Healthcare & Fitness
Cheezy the Surfer (Beta) Games Thanks for your report!
Manga Fox Entertainment "Ads are okay, but it's over the text, and sometimes...
GameSpace Games Thanks again Zsolt
Say Another Way (beta testing) Games Not rated
Fast Comic Reader Entertainment Thanks for this review! You're the only person who asked...
TriFit Healthcare & Fitness Great feedback, thank you.
SnapOodle Social Networking Thanks Zsolt, the registration should be fixed soon :)
Little Green Men Games
Private test Games  
Color All Games Not rated
Steam Puzzle Games Well, It's difficult to tell, since only happened once, but...
1-on-1 Poker Games Thanks for testing. This has now been released on...
Online tanks 2D Games
e-Milk Lifestyle thnx. good observations.
Cypher Bot Utilities Thanks, I sent you a mail
e-Milk Lifestyle thanx. great report. would you like to create a screenshot...
Fun4Everybody Entertainment