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Marc Edward Dalmacio

Male, 32

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Samsung Galaxy S8
Android 7.0
iPad mini 2
iOS 10.3.2

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Monster Truck Destruction™ - Test Games
Clapenjoy Hello Spring - Test Education
FitsyGames Games Not rated
Private test Games  
Halo Jumps - Test Games Not rated
Call Whoo - Caller Beta Test Social Networking
OpenTime 0.3.10 Paid Business Not rated
Stopwtach App for Production Engineers (not only for) Utilities Hi, thank you for the report !!! I just wander why...
Planet Revenge (iOS) Games
Private test Entertainment  
Slap App Testing for Bugs Books
Bottom Battle Games Nice feedback...
Cellular Beta Games Great report - thank you
Domino Galaxy Games Thank you very much for participating and for your helpful...
Equalicious - The Coolest Math Puzzle Game Games
Rogue Dungeon RPG Alpha Games You clearly took the time to give this game a...
Private test Food & Drink  
Outer Rim Assault Gameplay Test Games Thank you for the thorough set of suggestions. We will...
Private test Games Not rated  
Kitty Pop Pirates User Testing Games Not rated
Mahjong Worlds Download Island Tests Games Not rated
Secugo Social Networking Dear, Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards, Secugo support
IOS TESTING Games Not rated
OpenTime 0.3.5 - paid Business Feedback was short and missing some more specific suggestions but...
Puzzle Chat - version 2 Test Photo & Video
ANDROID GAMES Games Not rated
Commons for iOS Entertainment
SignMyPad 6.4.2 Productivity Not rated
xeer iOS beta Social Networking Good feedback.
FileCast Books
Cubador_02 Games
IOs Game Test 2 Games
Pendilly Beta is Live Social Networking Not rated
SignMyPad testing Business Not rated
everyStory Beta Testing #1 Photo & Video Not rated
IOS Game Games
Messaging app text July2015A Social Networking Not rated
Myidol 1.5.7 beta test Ver.2 Entertainment
Puzzle Chat Public Test Photo & Video
Ultra Live Wallpapers Entertainment
Zuno: Rescue the Souls Games Feedback was good and useful :)
Insider Beta Test 1 Social Networking Not rated
SocialNightlife Test2 Lifestyle
Yetti Beta 2 Lifestyle Not rated
mypa Productivity Not rated
No Tow Utilities Thank you for taking the time to test No Tow!...
InsureMyTrip Travel Not rated
Order Pro Business Not rated
Rails of Glory test Games Not rated
Test Tribal Rivals version 2.0 Games
QubiMail Utilities Thank you for your help ;)
Login/Sign Up Travel Not rated
Heros War Global Games Not rated
Swizzle2 Music Not rated
Heros War -No.3 Games Not rated
Drangon Fall No.2 Games Not rated
Reapers No.2 Games Not rated
Deadly Highway Games Not rated
Flirt Planet Play Games Great stuff. Many thanks for testing, Seb
Brush Brush cocomong -No.3 Education Not rated
Hero Sky Games Not rated
invi for Android Social Networking Not rated
Stylewiki Entertainment Not rated
Private test Productivity Not rated  
Watch Doing Lifestyle Thank you for participating in the test :)
Swizzle Music Thank you for participating in the test :)
Alice in Runtheland for Tango Games Thank you for participating in the test.
Keukey Productivity Thank you for participating in the test :)
Cow Gunner Games Thank you for participating in the test :)
Night WatchE. Games Thank you for participating in the test.
ANDROID MELD Lifestyle Not rated
Brush Brush cocomong Education Not rated
Numberkiz Education Thank you for participating in the test.
Crash of Empires Games Thank you for participating in the test.
Connect the Dots: Learn to Count Education Not rated
Collector's Book Lifestyle
Binocular Scanner Test Utilities Thanks for your report.
MyVoiceKeePass beta test Utilities Thanks Marc for you feedback. We really appreciate your effort.
Gendre v0.0.6 Utilities Thanks, very useful!
Flirt Planet Play Games Not rated
Flirt Planet Meet Social Networking Not rated
UNRAVL Utilities Hi Marc, nnThank you very much for your feedback. We...
Santa Backup Utilities Thanks
Anagram Twist Games Not rated
Steganos Online Shield Utilities
App Habits Productivity Hello Marc,nnthanks for you help in testing App Habits!nnBest,nOM
ZyroSky Games Thanks for the review.
Darling4me Social Networking Many thanks!nnbest regardsnMarkus
OutCatch v1.5 Games Thank you for your test report. It is of course...
EndGods Games Not rated
Dare You Entertainment Not rated
ReceiptCam Business Not rated
DiceApp Games Not rated
Candy Collector Games Thank you Mark, great suggestions.
Spot from Space Games Not rated
EddyPaddy KidsWorld Education Not rated
ThoughtEngine Productivity
Guiddoo Travel Not rated
eRabbit Business Not rated
Amazing Loops Games Thanks for testing!
LabelMe Photo Photo & Video Thanks for your comment I will resolve the issue before...
SegPlayMobile Games thanks for the feedback!
Quick Hoops Basketball Games thanks!, online leaderboard is already underway
Terrain Launcher Productivity Not rated Music Not rated
Say Another Way Free Games Not rated
Cabin Social Networking Not rated
Cheese Catapult Games Thanks for your feedback, it's very important
Welcome to Space Games Good game tester. Downloaded multiple versions and was very thoughtful.
Phonnix BETA Productivity
Spot from Space Games Thank you so much for your comprehensive beta report!
Cabin Social Networking Not rated
SPLAT ARENA: Multiplayer Mash-iOS Games Not rated
GameSpace Games Thanks Marc
Little Green Men Games Would like to know which graphics, you would change. Avatars,...
e-Milk Lifestyle thnx
e-Milk Lifestyle thnx