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Tasha Sumo

 United States
Female, 30

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Nexus 5X
Android 7.1
iPhone 6
iOS 10.3
iPad Pro (12.9 inch)
iOS 10.1

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  Title Category Rating Feedback
SEERious (Unreleased) - Test Lifestyle Hi Tasha, We happy to hear what you have to say...
Ascensor - Test 4 Games
Word Adventure - Test Entertainment Not rated
Eighth Spring Ninja - Test Games This was a great report. I will work on improving...
Private test Healthcare & Fitness  
Biopage - Social Media ID Card Social Networking Thank you very much for the detailed report and the...
Notely - Test Productivity
Break - Test Productivity
Pizen - Test Games Tester provided valuable feedback
Imagein Editor - Test Entertainment Not rated
MatchUp Padel - Test Sports Thank you so much for testing and for the report
MatchUp Tennis - Test Sports Thank you for testing the app and for the report. If...
Color Ninja Beta - Test Games Not rated
OF Launcher- App Launcher New (Unreleased) - Test Productivity
Backtrack - Test Music Not rated
Ballsy - Test Games
Ping - Share alerts, locate family and friends, discover local news and places. Social Networking Very good and useful report. Would definitely like to have...
Tribal Guardian - Test Entertainment Thank you for the feedback and checking out the game.
Wand Flashlight - Test Entertainment Not rated
Biopage - Test the updated app, welcome new users! Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and the feedback!...
GlassWire Data Usage Security - Test Entertainment Not rated
Letter Bounce - Test Games
Tempo - The Live Events Network - Test Photo & Video Not rated
Tommy the Turtle: Learn to Code - Test Entertainment Great feedback - especially with respect to increasing the movement...
Checklist Free - Test Travel Thank you so much for you detailed response!
CashPal Rewards - Test Entertainment CashPal Rewards is out now, if you would like to...
ActiveMAZE - Test Entertainment Thank you for testing activeMAZE
iCAN - Usability Testing - 2nd Iteration Productivity Great communication and good results. Seller provided handy feedback on...
Travel Pets Games Thank you for testing and report submission! :)
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - Test Entertainment Many, many thanks for your time and your accurate and...
Rubix Revolution - Test Games Tasha left great feedback. She reported on a lot of...
Mercatus - Student Marketplace Utilities Not rated
Kiko - Create a Cartoon - Test Entertainment Thanks Tasha!
Clapenjoy Hello Spring - Test Education
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise - Test Games Thank you for playing the game and testing it! Great...
Halo Jumps - Test Games Not rated
FareBuddy Beta 100 - Test Travel
POUNDit - Personal Development Challenges - Test Books
Flappy Bat - Cavern Travels - Test Games
Ask a Bubble - Concept Test Books
ImagesCal Fourth Test Productivity I appreciate the great feedback Tasha!!
SlotMasters - Test Books
Tellit App Social Networking Not rated
Hyperspace Pinball for Android Games
1st Weather Tasha, thanks for your report!
Activexplore - second tour Travel Thank you very much Tasha, your feedback is really useful...
Wurd Torn Games Thanks for trying this out and some great feedback. ...
Slap App Testing for Bugs Books
Dirt Bike Classic Racing Game Games Thanks Tasha, we are working to make it more accessible...
Bamboo Quest Games Thank you very much for testing. ^_^ I'll try to make...
Genius 1.0 app testing Lifestyle Not rated
Spiritual Me: Meditation Lifestyle Great ideas on improvements !! Always look forward to beta...
Private test Games  
Rainimals iOS Beta Games Thank you for your positive feedback.
Project - Hay Ewe Beta1 Games Not rated
Starfly Productivity
Seasons Preschool - Spring Education
Puzzle Game - Match 3 Games
Private test Photo & Video  
the MashrooM prelaunch test_v1 Music Thanks for your feedback!
Pandora Music
Apple Music Music
Guess The Uncle Sam City Books
Domino Galaxy Games Thank you for your report!
Private test Games Not rated  
Mimme Beta 3.0 Photo & Video Tasha, thank you for feedback!
Tapping Wizard Blades Open Beta Games
Private test Games Not rated  
Private test Games Not rated  
Private test Games Not rated  
Snippz Beta App Test Entertainment Gave very thorough feedback. I would definitely use this...
Outer Rim Assault Gameplay Test Games Thanks for the quick filing of your report.
Private test Games Not rated  
Proud - beautiful time management app for productive people Productivity Great feedback Tasha! Very detailed and giving lots of suggestions....
Kitty Pop Pirates User Testing Games Not rated
Maniac Wars (iOS) V0.07 - External Testing Games Not rated
rMove Long Distance Testing (for Testers traveling over 50 miles in one sitting) Travel Not rated
Secugo Social Networking Dear, Thank you for your feedback. Regards, Secugo support
Farm Garden Madness iOS Games good feedback
IOS TESTING Games Not rated
FileCast Books
Worch Games Thanks for your report. As you might know, it is...
everyStory Beta Testing #1 Photo & Video Not rated
Messaging app text July2015A Social Networking Not rated
Spiritual Me Beta / ios Healthcare & Fitness great feedback!
Pay Day APP Books Not rated
Peek-a-boo iOS Games Not rated
Deadwalk: The Last War Android Games Not rated
Clash of Kings - iOS App Games Not rated
Casino Game Testing Games Not rated
3 GAME TESTING Games Not rated
Games Of Clan USA IOS Games Not rated
INTHELENS Free Beta Photo & Video Tasha, thanks.
MediKeep Android Medical Thanks! *thumbs up*
Zuno: Rescue the Souls Games Feedback was good and useful :)
Calligrapher Utilities Thanks!
Carrot Rush Beta Testing (Android) Games
Keeper 1.0 Beta Business Tasha, thank you for your work.
Feather Productivity Not rated
Private test Games  
Doodle diamonds Games good feedback
MathPath Games Thanks for the feedback.
OctoMinusBeta Education Thank you! Appreciate the input and finding the bug. Will...
Superjokes Entertainment Not rated
Duelo Social Networking Not rated
Hay Ewe Beta2 Games Good tester and good feedback
Circles 2.0 Games Decent Feedback! Really helpful!
Castle Breakout - Escape! HD Games good feedback, thanks!
Cook4 Social Networking useful and constructive.
Selfme 1.5 Photo & Video Tasha, thank you for work.
WordReserve Beta Test Games Thanks!, Tasha. We really appreciate the feedback, it was very...
Balloon Blitz Games Not rated
Dino Rush 2.0 update Games Not rated
Insert English Education Thank you!
Commons! Entertainment
Cupcake Glow Games
Divesong Games
Chocolate Raiders Test 2 Games Thank you very much for playing the game and giving...
Heros War Games Not rated
Swipe Them Games Thank you very much for your feedback!
8 Cups - No.2 Healthcare & Fitness Not rated
Reapers No.2 Games Not rated
Ninja Gold Rush Games Not rated
Brush Brush cocomong -No.3 Education Not rated
Brutal Badger Beta Games Thanks
Hero Sky Games Not rated
Turn And Learn Education Hi Tasha, thank you for you report !
Voice Command Alarm Clock Test Lifestyle Thank you
Stylewiki Entertainment Not rated
#Eight - Math IQ Puzzle Game Games Not rated
Back to the West - Android game Games Thanks a lot for testing our game!
Flirt Planet Play Games Great stuff. Many thanks for testing! regards, Seb
Private test Productivity Not rated  
Private test Games  
HipstaFox Games Thanks so much for the feedback!! I'm very excited to...
KU TEST apk2 Social Networking
Mini Maestro Music Thanks for the feedback!
Swizzle Music Thank you for participating in the test :)
Keukey Productivity Thank you for participating in the test :)
Cow Gunner Games Thank you for participating in the test :)
Night WatchE. Games Thank you for participating in the test.
RRR Gold Games Not rated
One Fitness Daily User Test Healthcare & Fitness Thanks heaps Tasha! Great feedback and all positive my favourite kind...
Connect the Dots: Learn to Count Education Not rated
Nugget Empire iOS Games Hi Tasha, thank you for your test report. Nice to hear that...
Double! Games Thank you!
Movie Genius 4.0 release candidate Entertainment
MyVoiceKeePass beta test Utilities Thanks Tasha for your detailed response and feedback. We really...
Private test Education  
Gendre v0.0.6 Utilities Thanks, Tasha, very useful!
Photo Quiz Books
Private test Lifestyle Not rated  
Flirt Planet Play Games Not rated
Flirt Planet Meet Social Networking Not rated
T.A.P Games Not rated
Trappy Games thanks for the advices, i will improve it soon :)...
Buggli Social Networking Thanks for your report and I love your idea on...
Gamer Community Entertainment thanks for the second advice :)I already have decrease...
Virtual Cabinet Utilities
Private test Social Networking  
Santa Backup Utilities Thanks
Private test Lifestyle  
Anagram Twist Games Thanks for the review we are considering adding hints, they...
F1 Manager Games Thanks for your help with the testing, the app is...
Topaz Games great thanks
Pixel Maze Escape Games thank so much for you feedback, I like the idea...
App Habits Productivity Hello Tahsa,nnthank you for help us in testing App Habits,...
Loot Pursuit: Pompeii Education Excellent Feedback. Glad to have a repeat tester from... for iPad Reference Very constructive feedback, thank you!
ZyroSky Games Thank you! I like the comment about the different characters...
Darling4me Social Networking Many thanks for this test! The sound was recorded well...
EndGods Games Not rated
Flave Games thanks, nice report
Dare You Entertainment Thank you for your report, will take into concentration
Quini Wine Lifestyle Good feedback in a very timely matter.
Clash of Gnomes Games Hello Tasha,nThank you very much for playing our game. We...
Seculock Utilities Not rated
HomeRemedies-Ayurveda Healthcare & Fitness Thanks Tasha..
MooMle Utilities
Last Heroes - The Final Stand Games
SnapOodle Photo & Video Great review, thanks for the help :)
Fast Lane Rider Games
Panoptic Lifestyle Great concise feedback that identify the areas that require focus!
Private test Social Networking  
KineMix Photo & Video Thank you for your report.
My Team Manager Sports Hi, thanks for your feedback. Actually you can log out...
Slice the Ice Games
Whack the Zombies Games Thanks Tasha. Your feedback is much appreciated. The reason it...
CityVibes Music
Panicoop Utilities thank you Tasha Sumo for your report, i really appreciate...
Golf Society Manager Sports Many thanks for you time - and your comments -...
Monster Truck Destruction Games Not rated
TMA: English for Kids Education Hi Tasha,nnthank you very much for you feedback. It's very...
Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer Games Informative report, thank you very much for your precious comments...
Write It Vs Free Games Thanks Tasha. Great report and very helpful.
Loot Pursuit: Tulum Education Not rated
ReceiptCam Business Thank you for the report!
DiceApp Games Not rated
SPLAT ARENA: iOS Books Minimal detail. did not play all arenas as requested. nn
Beam. Social Networking
Panic Plate Games Hi Tasha,nnThanks a lot for your review. Hopefully, reviews like...
Candy Collector Games Thanks a lot!
MailWise Beta Productivity Thank you for Testing MailWise we aprrciate it - alot....
EddyPaddy KidsWorld Education Not rated
Amazing Loops Games Not rated
3D Monster Truck Obstacles Games
Press the Button Games Thank you very much!nnCould you message me to tell me... Music Not rated
Say Another Way Free Games The other time it crashed is not long after it...
Funpoll - Funny Questions Entertainment Thanks, Tasha! It's an Alpha version. We will do some...
Words Games Thanks Tasha, very good report. We will pay you next...
WORDWAVE Keyboard Productivity You didn't answer any of the questions that I asked...
Cheezy the Surfer (Beta) Games Thanks for report
Little Green Men Games
Snapalicious Social Networking good report! thank you!
e-Milk Lifestyle usless report. does not follow the instruction for testers.
Fermi Games