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Galaxy Note 4 Duos
Android 6.0.1

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  Title Category Rating Feedback
Meeso - Test Entertainment Thanks for the feedback
Your Stylist - Test Entertainment Thanks for your feedback
Guess The Restaurant - Test Games Not rated
CyberPal - Test.. Utilities Thanks for the feedback
SWISH Video - Test Entertainment
Cornea - Test Photo & Video Not rated
Tewter - Test Education Not rated
Farty Pops - Test Entertainment Not rated
Quilt cat - Test Lifestyle Many thanks for your good work. Tutorials are being produced. We...
Brain Ball - Enjoy a lot Free - Test Entertainment thank you for your testing and your answer. please feel...
Blockville Rampage - Beta Test Games Hey, Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely look into...
SWISH Video - Test Entertainment
Tag You - Test Entertainment This was a great report. I will work on improving...
Text Animation Maker - Test Social Networking This was a great report. I will work on improving...
My Secret Drinks Entertainment Not rated
Quote Maker & Quote Creator - Test Lifestyle Not rated
FoodTest - Test Food & Drink
Testing invites Social Networking Thanks
Tic Tac Toe Game - Test Entertainment Not rated
SkyWay - Test Games
My Secret Drinks - Test Entertainment
Tofu heroes - [ANDROID v1.0.11-LATENCY] Entertainment
Pegtura - Test Social Networking Thank you
Sendrop - Test Productivity Not rated
Dian - Early access Utilities
Tic Tac Toe - Test Games
Injustice: Gods Among Us fans - Test Entertainment Not rated
aTippr - Sports Prediction Game - Test Sports hi thanks for the information with the text! can you send...
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - Test Productivity Thanks for your feedback.
Combinum - Test Games M P , provided very usefull feedbacks, that helped improve...
CasperVPN - Best Android VPN - Rewarded Test Travel
Brikky - Test v1 Entertainment Not rated
Sendrop - Test Productivity Not rated
Lost Forest TD - Test v2 Entertainment Thank you for your report!
Frontback - Social Photos - Test Social Networking
Ping - Test Social Networking Thank you!
Lost Forest TD - Test Entertainment Thank you for your report. It was helpful to me!
Brainilis - Brain Games Games
Group GPS Navigation - Test Navigation Not rated
CasperVPN - Best Android VPN Entertainment
Buzitu - Test Entertainment Thank you for your testing. Sorry for errors, we will...
aTippr - Test Entertainment
SEERious (Unreleased) - Test Lifestyle Hi M P, We happy to hear what you have...
Mind The Chain - Test - 2 Games
Fancy Cakes - Google Play open Beta Test Games Thank you for your feedback
Tribal Guardian - Test Games Glad to hear the touch controls work.
Tofu heroes - [ANDROID v1.0.10] Entertainment
Ping - Test Social Networking Thank you!
AirWāfi - second testing Travel
Eighth Spring Ninja - Test Games This was a great report. I will work on improving...
Pixured -version 0.0.71 Photo & Video Not rated
Numbers Race - Test Games
Break - Test Entertainment
AirWāfi - First testing Travel
The Name Game - Test Education
Whisperr Audio Dating - Test Social Networking Not rated
Notely - Test Productivity
Break - Test Productivity
Birthdays Productivity
MathStudio - Math Solver - Test Entertainment
Ping - Test Entertainment Thank you very much!
GC Poker - Webcam poker - Test Entertainment Not rated
Spacewolf - Test Games Thank you for the feedback!
iTavli-All Backgammon games - Test Games Not rated
Meandr - Test Social Networking "Close" is about 50 meters
MatchUp Tennis - Test Sports Thanks for the report and for testing the app, we'll...
OF Launcher- App Launcher New (Unreleased) - Test Productivity
Backtrack - Test Music Not rated
Ballsy - Test Games
MailPusher - Android Beta Utilities Not rated
Tribal Guardian Games Thank you again for the solid testing!
Turns90 - Test Games I am glad to hear from M P. He explained...
Zoomvy samescreen - Test Entertainment
Ping - Share alerts, locate family and friends, discover local news and places. Social Networking Thank you!
Tribal Guardian - Test Entertainment MP is very helpful and quick responder. Was able to...
Wand Flashlight - Test Entertainment Not rated
GlassWire Data Usage Security - Test Entertainment Not rated
Checklist Free - Test Travel "I created a item in check list. I clicked on the...
Hitch - Test Lifestyle Not rated
CashPal Rewards - Test Entertainment CashPal Rewards is out now, if you would like to...
MathStudio - Math Solver - Test Education Good job!
Sanket Doc - Test Entertainment after registering please login with the following details to test...
VanDer - Test Education Dear M.P., thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestions!...
Blue Sky - Test Games solid feedback and thanks!
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - Test Entertainment Many thanks for your review.
Hitch - Test Lifestyle
Ben Bones (Unreleased) - Test Games Thank you for your comments!
Invitime - Beta Test Entertainment Good review and suggestions