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Ankit Dahiya

Male, 25

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Moto G4 Plus Dual SIM
Android 7.1

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  Title Category Rating Feedback
GC Poker - Webcam poker - Test Entertainment Not rated
Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer - Test Entertainment Not rated
Zoomvy samescreen - Test Entertainment Not rated
Ping - Share alerts, locate family and friends, discover local news and places. Social Networking Very good and useful report. Would definitely like to have...
YouSnapp - Test Social Networking Nice comments. could have added your notes on bugs etc....
GlassWire Data Usage Security - Test Entertainment Not rated
Tommy the Turtle: Learn to Code - Test Entertainment Good advice/feedback. Thanks.
CashPal Rewards - Test Entertainment CashPal Rewards is out now, if you would like to...
InLove - Test Entertainment Thank you for feedback we will review your comments and...
Travel Pets Games Thank you for testing and report submission! :)
MathStudio - Math Solver - Test Education Thank you for your comments! very useful.
Blue Sky - Test Games
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - Test Entertainment Thank you for taking the time to provide us with...
Checklist Free - Test Travel Thank you very much for the quick and informative response....
Flo Chat - Test Utilities
Artur - Beta Test Entertainment Good, constructive, various suggestions. Seems he tested the app quite...
Mazlusek - Test V2 Lifestyle Thanks! Great report.
Hitch - Test Lifestyle
Ben Bones (Unreleased) - Test Games Thank you so much for your comments. There were some...
TestingCatalog - beta test Entertainment
Invitime - Beta Test Entertainment Thanks for the report and the recommendations
SQEDit - Test Entertainment Not rated
Food Feud - Test Games Hi, Thank you very much for the feedback. In the next version...
Modi Key Run - Test Entertainment