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Amit Kulkarni

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Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen
Android 6.0.1
iPad mini 1
iOS 9.3.2
iPhone 6
iOS 10.3
Android 4.1.2
iPhone 3GS
iOS 6.1.6
iPhone 4
iOS 7.1.2
iPad 3
iOS 9.3.2
iPhone 5
iOS 9.3.2
Android 4.0.x
Galaxy Note II
Android 4.4.2
Android 4.0.x
Galaxy S II
Android 4.0.x

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Angel - Test 2 Lifestyle Not rated
Istapay - Test Entertainment
localgenii - further testing Travel Outstanding detail in report, went to great lengths to explain...
Babla the social playground - Test Social Networking Thank you for joining the Babla test and providing great...
SendFrame Lite - WiFi Photo Frame Slideshow - Test Photo & Video
10x10 Guru - Release candidate iOS:1.0.5 Entertainment
10x10 Guru - Test Entertainment Constructive comments provided by Amit
Private test Games Not rated  
Beta Testing for Astro - 'Siri for health & nutrition' Entertainment
Combinum - Test Games Amit Kulkarni provided detailed review that helped improve our development, Thank...
Combinum - Test Games Amit Kulkarni, provided detailed report that help improve our user...
CasperVPN - Best Android VPN - Rewarded Test Travel
SQEDit - Test Productivity Super thankS!
Biopage - Test the updated app, welcome new users! Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and suggestions! The...
eercast Lifestyle
Highlight - books text image to text digitized - Test Books Awesome Feedback Admit. It's really helpful I will try to...
One Voyage - TestOne Entertainment Great report; It was both detailed and focused. Thank you...
Modi Key Run - Test Games
Numst3rs - Test Entertainment Thank you for very good report ! We hope to...
Puzzle Simulator 3D - Beta Test Games That was an extremely detailed and useful report, thank you...
ManzilApp New Flat UI Test Travel Thanks for detailed feedback. Will analyze and resolve reported issues.
Letz - iOS Beta - Pre Release Productivity Not rated
I LIKE RADIO - Test Entertainment
Veri - Alpha App Entertainment Not rated
Project - Paperplane - painless travel planning - Test Entertainment Not rated
xShopper - Test - v3 Lifestyle Amit is the BEST!
Adventure of SuperMole Games
Treple - Test Games Detailed and useful feedback. Thanks for testing Treple!
ImagesCal Sixth Test Productivity Absolutely one of the best! Catches crashes, is very thorough...
xShopper - Test - v2 Lifestyle Best ever test results, THANKS!
Private test Sports Not rated  
Laserthread Social Network For iPhone Test - copy Social Networking
xShopper - Test Lifestyle
Call Whoo - Caller Beta Test Social Networking
IObit Applock Utilities
Guzzly Plane - Test Games Excellent feedback! Thank you.
VisualCV Resume Builder - Test Books
Flappy Bat - Cavern Travels - Test Games
Flappy Bat - Cavern Travels - Test Books Quick and thorough response. He's very clear and very good...
Number Tap! - Test Games
ImagesCal Fourth Test Productivity Outstanding! Very thorough at testing and reporting bugs. Will use...
Private test Sports  
ImagesCal Third Test Productivity Outstanding!!! One of the best testers! Hope to use again...
Project - Etsuri News Thanks for the feedback!
Worm Slow Motion Discovery Test Books Not rated
Thorough App test - Long version Entertainment Good detailed testing and report with crash dumps and good...
Thorough App test Entertainment
ImagesCal Productivity Exceptional testing and bug reporting! Will definitely use again in...
Private test News  
Clash of Tanks! Games Nice report. Thanks a lot. We have already implemented some...
Sushi Heroes Games Thank you for your review. It was giving and I...
Tappy Toes being featured on the App Store shortly! Games
Amalgam 2.0 Test Books
Peik the Penguin Games Thank you very much!
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.10 Sports
FareBuddy Beta IOS Books Utilities great feedback, great report... thanks
FareBuddy Beta 100 Travel
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Replies Feature Test Social Networking
Morph Cafe Photo & Video Not rated
Etsuri ver 2. News
Jack The Jumper Man test-1 Games Loved your report so detailed and clear. Thanks I will definitely...
Biser 2.0 Games Thank You, Amit. Thorough report. Useful advices. Found bugs.
Wurd Torn Community - Create Puzzles, Get Star Ratings, and Play Puzzles of Friends! Games hi Amit, Thanks so much for trying this out. I...
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Test Social Networking Great tester! Was quick to download and gave detailed feedback...
Tosify™ Lifestyle Incredibly valuable and smart feedback & ideas for improvement. We're...
Project - Hay Ewe Games Excellent tester. Thorough and high quality reporting. Gave very detailed...
Cricket hit beta Sports Good job Mate, Great and you are awesome... Thanks for...
Arballoid Games Excellent feedback! Thank you for testing!
UKnight Test 3 Games Very constructive feedback
Private test Games  
Clone Armies - beta Games Not rated
WordGenius Games Thank you for your help and effort.
Cradle Of Empires Games Good report! Thanks!
Newsmeister Beta Test Games Fantastic feedback and reporting. Thanks, Amit.
Puzzle Game - Match 3 Games
Dune: A Puzzle Game Games Brilliant feedback. The tutorial is being revamped, the graphics are being...
Password Manager - (1.1) Productivity Excellent feedback
Running Game Games
Domino Galaxy Games That was excellent feedback, a very detailed and helpful report...
OpenTime 0.3.0 Business Very thorough and detailed feedback
Pock & Palam - Version 2 Entertainment Not rated
Kitty Pop Pirates User Testing Games Not rated
OpenTime 0.3.5 - paid Business Feedback was very thorough, descriptive and thoughtful. I am very...
Commons for iOS Entertainment Interesting insights and profound feedback
Royal Legacy User Testing Games Not rated
Cubador_02 Games
Carrot Rush Beta Testing (iOS) Games
camzero Photo & Video Not rated
Private test Games  
Circles 2.0 Games Exceptional Feedback thank you so much!
Balloon Blitz Games Superb!
Sortpad - app testing - ROUND 3 Photo & Video Not rated
Circles Games Amazing feedback! I am working on an update to fix...
Puzzle Warrior iOS Games Very detailed report. Thanks for the tips!
Number Target - Beta2 Games
Sortpad - app testing - ROUND 2 Photo & Video Thank you for the great feedback!
Cupcake Glow Games
Burst my Bubble Games Thank you for the awesomely detailed feedback Amit!
Earth Challenge 1.1.3 beta Education Thanks a lot for the thorough and amazing feedback! Lots...
Use Your Handwriting 8.0 - copy Business Wonderful feedback. Thank you!
Math Tower test Games Hi, thank you for a very helpful feedback. Let me...
Strike a mole soccer edition Games Thank you very much , very good responses . helpful
Private test Games  
Motto Dots Lifestyle Great report, very detailed and professional. Would definetively contact Amit...
Gendre v0.0.6 Utilities Thanks Amit, most useful!
Photo Quiz Books
Miniverse Games Very in depth feedback! Thank you for the help. :)
Private test Games  
Scout it Books
Santa Backup Utilities Great review! Thank you very much.
Anagram Twist Games Well I only pointed out that because it was not...
App Habits Productivity Hello Amit,nnthank you so much for your help! Please check...
ZyroSky Games Thank you! Your comments are directly on point. The clinicians...
Last Heroes - The Final Stand Games Loved your honest feedback! Will be working with you...
Roko Go Home Games Not rated
Write It Vs Free Games Thanks Amit. Great report and very helpful. The most complete...
ReceiptCam Business Great stuff - thank you!nnI have fixed some of the...
DiceApp Games Not rated
Panic Plate Games Hello Amit,nnThanks a lot for your honesty and for that...
Candy Collector Games Hi Amit, I own you one big THANK YOU for...
Pextr Photo & Video Great and very useful report! Many thanks!
Amazing Loops Games Excelent test report. Thanks.
Quick Hoops Basketball Games
SPLAT ARENA: Multiplayer Mash-iOS Games Not rated
Doodly Doo Social Networking Not rated
Cheezy the Surfer (Beta) Games Thanks a lot.nThere is a lot for us to think...
Private test Games  
My Team Manager Sports Thanks a lot. Very useful report. I will try to...
Krono Stopwatch and timer Utilities Thanks. This is a very detailed review. My responses 1. The...
Hither: Earth Games
Charles Luftwooffen Games Thank you for your time, excellent report!
Look Mommy Education Not rated
Blockis Games Thanks Amit I will look into it.
Baby Boo Education