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diana jennifer howard

Female, 32

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Google Nexus 6P
Android 8.0
iPad mini 3
iOS 10.3

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Babla the social playground - v0.4 Social Networking Great feedback! Thanks for joining the Babla test.
Tasty Tiles - Test Entertainment
My Secret Drinks Entertainment Not rated
Quote Maker & Quote Creator - Test Lifestyle Not rated
Fancy Cakes - Google Play open Beta Test Games Great feedback! Highly recommended
100 GB Free Cloud Drive Degoo - Test Entertainment Not rated
Biopage - Social Media ID Card Social Networking Thank you very much for the quick report and the...
Biopage - Test the updated app, welcome new users! Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and the great...
GlassWire Data Usage Security - Test Entertainment Not rated
Letter Bounce - Test Games
IThanks - Test Social Networking
Plantz - Test Games Thank you very much for your report Diana, I'll try...
Letz - Android Beta - Pre release test Productivity Not rated
Project - Derpy Fish - Test Games
Desert Worms - Test Games
I LIKE RADIO - Test Entertainment
Crow Public Test Games We get nice feedback about our game from Jennifer. Thank you...
ManzilApp Trips Testing Travel Thanks for the feedback Diana. Will look into the bugs...
Veri - Alpha App Entertainment Not rated
Treple - Number Puzzle Game - Test Games Not rated
ImagesCal Sixth Test Productivity Thanks for your excellent report!! One of the best at...
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise - Test Games Thank you for playing the game and submitting the report...
Halo Jumps - Test Games Not rated
ImagesCal Fifth Test Productivity Excellent Report!! I appreciate your valuable feedback!!
Call Whoo - Caller Beta Test Social Networking
Save Leopard - Test Entertainment
Jelly Jamz - Test Games
Floaties Games
Sushi Heroes Games Thank you. Great feedback!!!
Private test Games  
Private test Games  
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.9 - copy Sports Thanks for your feedback :) Will fix the issues listed below
Allan Ford Skyfall Books
Planet Revenge (iOS) Games
Mob'n'sters Beta 1 Games Thank you for your feedback and testing!
Cellular Beta Games Great report - thank you!
Project - Hay Ewe Beta1 Games Great tester. Good reporting and communication.
Dune: A Puzzle Game Games Thank you for your feedback! I am making some changes...
Domino Galaxy Games Thank you for the report!
Linejumptest Books That was a very helpful report. Thank you very much....
Kitty Pop Pirates User Testing Games Not rated
Secugo Social Networking Dear, Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards, Secugo support
Paper boy: Infinite rider Books Dear Diana, thank you very much for testing our game. We...
Royal Legacy User Testing Games Not rated
Scene Sketcher Photo & Video Excellent, thorough testing! Bugs well documented with screenprints. Great suggestions...
BioShot Beta Test Games Thanks for your valuable suggestions.
Be Part of Niki's Product Development Utilities Not rated
Quick Smoke Test On Various Android Devices Lifestyle Great tester. Clear communication, quick, good feedback, good suggestions. I...
The-Broadcaster Business Not rated
Zuno: Rescue the Souls Games Very useful feedback and suggestions.. Thanks :)
Carrot Rush Beta Testing (iOS) Games
Yetti Beta 2 Lifestyle Not rated
Hay Ewe Beta3 Games Excellent tester. Very comprehensive and thorough. Would work with again....
Castle Breakout - Escape! HD Games excellent feedback, thanks!
Circles Games Thanks for the Feedback. I have fixed the back button...
Double Jump Beta 1 Games Thanks for the feedback!
Puzzle Warrior iOS Games
Frog Road Online Multiplayer Books very detailed feedback
Performance test Games Yeah, fixing that back button is on my to-do list....
Castle Breakout - Escape! HD (take 2) Games very specific feedback, thanks!
Scene Sketcher Photo & Video Excellent testing!! Your bug reports are terrific, thanks so much!...
BLUE Games Hi Diana, Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. Are you a...
Twisted racer - the racing game with a twist! Games Thank you very much for testing our game. Best regards.
Test Tribal Rivals version 2.0 Games
ALT-G Game (Alpha Release) Games Hi Diana, thanks for your feedback. Few comments: - We'll redesign...
7 Hands Games Very thorough report, thank you
Sea Animal City Pre-release 2 Education Thank you for attempting to test the app. I...
Rub Rub Rub 2.0 Games Not rated
Private test Education  
Waffle Project Games Not rated
Photo Quiz Books
Private test Books  
Miniverse Games Not rated
Ballster Games Thanks for the report! we'll include sounds and the ability...
Private test Games  
Trappy Games thanks for the advices
Gamer Community Entertainment thanks for the second advice :) I will improve the...
Head Monsters Games thanks
Loot Pursuit: Pompeii Education Excellent suggestions and feedback. This should make the game...
EndGods Games Not rated
Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer Games Hi ,nnI have replied to your previous mail. Let me...
Monster Truck Destruction Games Thank you. Good report.
Candy Collector Games Thank you.
3D Monster Truck Obstacles Games
Hero of Shaolin Games
Hero of Shaolin Games Excellent feedback thanks.
Hither: Earth Games
Run chronicles Games