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Kateryna Kravchenko

 Ukraine, Киев
Female, 30

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iPhone 5s
iOS 9.3.3

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  Title Category Rating Feedback
Mentor. Valley of dust - Test Games
OptiRoute - Test Utilities
YC (YouTube Comments) Entertainment Perfect feedback, the one thing i will probably not be...
StormTrek - Test Weather Very good tester and very detailed report. Thank you.
Treple - Test Games Thanks for testing Treple!
ImagesCal Sixth Test Productivity Always Outstanding!! You've earned my Top Tester status!! Thanks for...
Swell AR - Test Photo & Video
Youtube Comments. - Test Entertainment Thanks for the input :D
Treple Games Tested and provided ratings, thanks!
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise - Test Games Great report, submitted a very important bug and provided good...
Halo Jumps - Test Games Not rated
Disco Dave - Test Games Not rated
ImagesCal Fifth Test Productivity Outstanding!!! Thanks for catching all the bugs Kateryna!
FareBuddy Beta 100 - Test Travel
Call Whoo - Caller Beta Test Social Networking
Ask a Bubble - Concept Test - copy Books Not rated
Flappy Bat - Cavern Travels - Test Games
Flappy Bat - Cavern Travels - Test Books Quick and positive feedback.
VOID - Black Hole Space Mission 2.0 Games Good beta tester, could give just a bit of more...
Private test Sports  
BaliFied - Word Game of the Gods - iOS - Games Great tester! Nice feedback and found a few bugs that...
Crossy Spikes Games
PostYo Version 2.0! Social Networking
American Voices 1.7 (build 1) Education Hi Kateryna, Thanks for your sharp eyes - nobody had noticed...
Tactus Beta Music
ImagesCal Second Test Productivity Great Feedback!! I appreciate you catching the bugs and illustrating...
Tosify™ Lifestyle Thank you for your superb report. Incredibly valuable comments and...
UKnight GA 3 Games Thank you so much for continuing to play our game....
Jungle Crush Games
Panda Bomber Dark Lands Books
Hero Panda Bomber Ultimate Games Thank you for your time and inspiration!
VOID - Black Hole Space Mission Games Good tester, nice feedback.
Sushi Heroes Games Great! Thank you for your feedback!
Private test Sports  
Tappy Toes being featured on the App Store shortly! Games great honest feedback! Thanks
Vocal Social Networking
FareBuddy Beta IOS Books
FareBuddy Beta 100 Travel
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Replies Feature Test Social Networking
UKnight GA 2 Games
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.9 - copy Sports Thanks for your feed back.. I will fix the bugs and...
Insight: View the World through Images Social Networking Thank you very much for taking your time to beta...
Notesero - Phase 1 Productivity Thank you Kateryna for your feedback. Much appreciated and glad...
One Man Football (iOS) Games Sorry, got it running too late.
Tosify™ Lifestyle Thank you for your fantastic report. Really great ideas and...
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Photo Update Test Social Networking
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.7 Sports Hi mate, Thanks for your valuable, I will be releasing this...
Private test Entertainment  
Spiritual Me - Live / Android Healthcare & Fitness Her feedback was very helpful! I would definitely invite her...
Pangy Master Games
Tosify™ Lifestyle Thank you for your great report + superb suggestions and...
XQuest - 2 Social Networking Thank you)
Jack The Jumper Man test-1 Games Thanks for the feedback report, I appreciate your time spent...
Allan Ford Skyfall Books
American Voices 1.5 (build 1.11) Education Thank for your feedback! Another tester mentioned the issue of...
Voyagic Beta Test Travel Not rated
Biser 2.0 Games
Wurd Torn Community - Create Puzzles, Get Star Ratings, and Play Puzzles of Friends! Games Thanks Kateryna, Seems everything worked fine. If you update...
MINEFORCE - for iOS Games Excellent! Thank you!
MINEFORCE - for Android Games Thank you!
Happer Social Networking Thank you for giving it a try.
Happer Social Networking Thank you for trying Happer.
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Test Social Networking Great tester! Was quick to download and gave detailed feedback....
XQuest Social Networking Thank you very much Kateryna !
Two Player Algebra Game Test Education Excellent error and bug reports - with good descriptions on...
Fiki Beta Via TestFlight Lifestyle Not rated
Beholder DJ - Beta Games Thanks a lot!
Braaag competitions first beta test Social Networking Not rated
UKnight GA 1 Games Very detailed report, thanks so much!
Tosify™ Lifestyle Fantastic, detailed and very useful report. We are so grateful...
Tower Defense; Xtinct: The First Battle Games Helped track and find a bug by working with me...
Highway Car Racing Games Good tester and report! Thank you a lot for your...
Don't Be Sushi Beta Games
I like radio Entertainment
All Sports Connected Sports Thanks heaps i really appreciate all of the feedback you...
Avoid the Ads Games Thanks! Will add a way to turn off the sound...
Cricket hit beta Sports Thanks for you time nice to hear that you liked...
iHalal Food & Drink Thanks for your nice feedback and the reported UI bug,...
UKnight Test 4 Games Great feedback, thank you!
Arballoid Games Thank you for useful an informative feedback! Dyakuy;)
Rogloo Test1 Social Networking