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Tomas Rimkus

 Lithuania, Vilnius
Male, 33

Rank: 12   Toplist

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Android 5.0
P8 Lite
Android 5.0.1
Spirit 4G
Android 6.0
Galaxy J5 SM-J510F
Android 6.0.1
Galaxy S3
Android 4.3
Asus Zenfone 2
Android 7.1.1
G Pad V500 8.3
Android 6.0.1
Nexus 4
Android 5.1

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Private test Games  
Puzzle Simulator 3D - Beta Test Games Thank you so much Tomas, this was the best and...
ManzilApp New Flat UI Test Travel Thanks for the feedback. Will look into your suggestion on...
Letz - Android Beta Productivity We are grateful to have Tomas as a tester of...
Crow Public Test Games Tomas prepared a full detailed report for this game. Helped...
Zombie Alfa Run - Test Games Very good report. All issues described comprehensively. Good job
ManzilApp Trips Testing Travel Thanks for detailed feedback. I'll be in touch with on...
Scramble - HD Space Combat Games
Drift GEAR Racing Free - Test Entertainment Thank you very much for a feedback, it is very...
Dead Zone - Test Games
StormTrek - Test Weather
CityViewDVD - 3D Augmented Reality Map - Test Navigation Not rated
IObit Applock2.0 - Test Productivity Thanks for your support Tomas
Monster Truck Destruction™ - Test Games No information on report
MoveIt! Colors - Test Entertainment Thanks for the volume control suggestion!
Feedr - Test Social Networking
Picas - Test Photo & Video Thanks Tomas, we will keep optimizing Picas =)
Alpha Allianz - English Edition Games
Dizzy Ball - Test Games Thank you for the feedback, i will try to lower...
Project - Paperplane - painless travel planning - Test Entertainment Thanks for the feedback, hope you like our app...
StormTrek - Test Weather
Break Time Healthcare & Fitness
Addiction - Test Games
Tiltz - Boosters Test Games
memeham - Test Social Networking Thank you for the detailed review.Have a nice day.
Tiltz - Initial Public Test Games
Samurai Subway Run - Test Entertainment
Wootzy Colors - Test Books
Assassin 101 v5 Games
OneView Calendar - Test Books
Addiction Games
Assassin 101 v4 Games
Floaties Games
Liquido - Mix and Manage your Liquids Lifestyle Not rated
New horizon Games
Private test Games  
Sweet Recipes Food & Drink Thanks for report!
Crossing Skies Games Excellent report.Helpful answers!
Private test Games  
Hero Panda Bomber Games Thx for testing and providing a useful feedback!
Martial Towers - Tower Defense Action Game Games Thanks for testing, happy everything worked.
Clash of Tanks! Games Thanks a lot for your report
Extreme Forklifting 2 Android Games
XXO Unbeatable Games Thanks for the feedback. The back button error is already fixed...
Karma Social Networking Thank you for your (very positive) feedback! We hope to...
Floaties Games Thx for the helpful comments!
Private test Games  
Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles (v661) Games Thanks for your feedback, Tomas. Did you stop playing the game? When...
SpotWiFi Beta Test Utilities
New horizon test Games
Colony Born 1 Games Thank you for your report! I think the quit...
One Man Football Games Thanks a lot for the feedback. To be honest I will...
Private test Entertainment  
Spiritual Me - Live / Android Healthcare & Fitness Helpful Feedback!
Smash Time > Beta testing 4.4.0 Games
Jack The Jumper Man test-1 Games Thanks for your test report and your time spent on...
Superjokes Version 2.0 Entertainment Good feedback provided by tester! Really appreciate the good work....
Biser 2.0 Games
MINEFORCE - for Android Games Very clear and helpful notes. Thank you!
Tower Defense; Xtinct: The First Battle Games
Superjokes Version 1.5.4 Entertainment Good Feeback given by Tester. The inputs given are useful....
Don't Be Sushi Beta Games
I like radio Entertainment
1st Weather
Cricket hit beta Sports
Rogloo Test1 Social Networking
Tap'n Slide Beta v3 Games Dear Tester, I don't know how to thank you enough for...
Swibr Test Productivity
Tap'n Slide Beta v2 Games Thank you very much for your feedback, i appreciate your...
Shopping List Utilities Thank you very much for your feedback!
Tapping Wizard Blades Games Thanks Tomas, I will fix the issue with the name...
Bamboo Quest Games Thank you for your feedback. ;) I'll try to make this...
Hitt Games Thank You, You are great tester :) I fixed the...
Whack & Bash - Alfa test Games Not rated
echoezz Business
Clone Armies Games
Tap'n Slide Beta Games Thank you very much for your report., and the screenshots. I...
Simple To-Do Reminder Beta Test Utilities Through testing and excellent, constructive feedback so I will invite...
WordGenius Games Thank you for your help and effort.
Test 0 Books Not rated
Meal Planner and Food Manager Food & Drink Patient and helpful tester!
Gift4u Android Entertainment Not rated
Cradle Of Empires Games Good report! Thank you for your participation and effort.
Touchphrase (special needs communication) Education Outstanding report! Thank you for the thorough test and...
Tapping Wizard Blades Books
Bamboo Quest - Looking for feedback Games Thank you very much for testing. A better tutorial and...
Cradle Of Empires Games Thanks for your report! All comments were detailed and clearly described. We...
Target Number Games Good report.
Cook4 (v0.3) Social Networking
Multifleet app Test Business
Fourvote Lifestyle
Ballista Beta Games Great feedback! Thank you.
Trippin' Test Games Not rated
Bamboo Quest - Looking for feedback Books Thank you for playing. I'll review the difficulty.
Project - Tapping Wizard Blades Books
Loginnode ver 1.0.3 test Productivity Hi Tomas, Thanks for your help in this regard. Thanks!
Evlop Line jump Games
Pet Maniac V1.0 Android Games Not rated
Project - Carrot Rush Beta Testing (Android) Games Not rated
Tapping Wizard Blades Open Beta Games