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Gagandeep Singh

 United Arab Emirates
Male, 21

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Galaxy J5
Android 6.0.1
iPhone 6
iOS 10.2
ZenFone 5 Dual SIM
Android 5.0
ZenFone 4 Dual SIM
Android 4.4.2

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Babla the social playground - v0.4 Social Networking Great report! Thank you for joining the Babla test and...
Laserthread Messenger for Facebook Twitter Tumblr - Test Entertainment Not rated
Meing - Test Utilities Not rated
Swish Video - Test Entertainment
Beta Testing for Astro - 'Siri for health & nutrition' Entertainment
Swish Video - Test Entertainment
CasperVPN - Best Android VPN - Rewarded Test Travel
Biopage - Test the updated app, welcome new users! Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and the great...
Laserthread - Store test Social Networking
eercast Lifestyle
Laserthread - Find, test, rate Social Networking
BULLIT - Test Social Networking Not rated
Mercatus - Student Marketplace Utilities Not rated
Biopage - Test and Review Social Networking Thank you Gagandeep very much for the report and many...
Spotafriend - ANDROID Entertainment Not rated
Laserthread Messenger For iPhone And Apple Fans - Test Social Networking
Private test Education  
Moonvale 2: Puzzle Adventure - Test Entertainment
UpSurf - iOS beta Utilities
Trendis – Trending Now! - Test Entertainment
Private test Utilities  
SearchApp - Test Reference
Puzzle Simulator 3D - Beta Test Games Thank you!
ChatAPP - Test Social Networking
ManzilApp New Flat UI Test Travel Thanks for detailed feedback. Will look into the suggestions.
Letz - iOS Beta - Pre Release Productivity Not rated
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
ManzilApp Trips Testing Travel Thanks for valuable feedback. Will look into your suggestions for...
OpenTime 0.4.1 Business Not rated
Veri - Alpha App Entertainment Not rated
FitsyGames Games Not rated
Headliner – Video Conversations with New People! S - Test Social Networking Not rated
Private test Games  
Private test Sports Not rated  
Halo Jumps - Test Games Not rated
Laserthread Social Network For iPhone Test - copy Social Networking
FareBuddy Beta 100 - Test Travel
Drag Racing : Pro Clutch - Test Games No words from reporter.
Ask a Bubble - Concept Test Books
Private test Sports  
Raindrops - Beta Test Games Not rated
Tappy Toes being featured on the App Store shortly! Games
FareBuddy Beta IOS Books
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Replies Feature Test Social Networking
SpotWiFi Beta Test Utilities
Insight: View the World through Images Social Networking Thank you very much for taking your time to beta...
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Photo Update Test Social Networking Awesome tester! Was quick to download app and test out...
Etsuri ver 2. News
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Test Social Networking Great tester! Was quick to download and gave detailed feedback....
American Voices 1.5 (build 1.9) Education Thanks for your detailed thoughts! In the next update we're...
Hyperspace Pinball for Android Games
LOLMESS BETA 1 Group 4 Entertainment
Stopwtach App for Production Engineers (not only for) Utilities Thanks !!! Import .csv file differs from the export, and has...
Tap'n Slide Beta v3 Games Dear Tester, I don't know how to thank you enough for...
PetDays (Get Rewarded) Lifestyle Thanks for your response!
Genius 1.0 app testing Lifestyle Not rated
Apollo user feedback test Social Networking Excellent bug reporting, and well-detailed responses to long-questions.
Guess Movie Games Nice report. Thank you!
Rainimals iOS Beta Games Many thanks for your excellent feedback, much appreciated.
Newsmeister Beta Test Games Thank you, Gagandeep. Great reporting and feedback.
Pet Maniac V1.0 iOS Games Not rated
Pet Maniac V1.0 Android Games Not rated
Linejumptest Books thank you for the response
Proud - beautiful time management app for productive people Productivity Great feedback Gagandeep! Super-happy to work with you! Thank you!
Kitty Pop Pirates User Testing Games Not rated
Worch - iOS Games Thanks for your report. We will try to improve our...
Maniac Wars (iOS) V0.07 - External Testing Games Not rated
Mahjong Worlds Download Island Tests Games Not rated
Proud - beautiful, gesture based time management app Productivity Thanks for feedback Gagandeep!
Minichat public beta 3.0 Social Networking Thanks for the feedback, Gagandeep! We really appreciate it :)