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Stefan R Eissens

Male, 46

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iPad mini 1
iOS 9.3.3
iPhone 6
iOS 10.2

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Combinum - Test Games
Tofu Heroes - v1.0.8 - GUILD Entertainment
HeyBnb - Test Entertainment Not rated
Private test Utilities  
Rising Warriors - Test Games Thanks for the feedback, appreciated for the time you have...
Monster Tale - Test Games
Call Whoo - Caller Beta Test Social Networking
Drag Racing : Pro Clutch - Test Games
Jelly Jamz - Test Games Not rated
Ask a Bubble - Concept Test - copy Books Not rated
ImagesCal Fourth Test Productivity Very thorough testing!! Thanks for all the suggestions and great...
BaliFied - Word Game of the Gods - iOS - Games Great tester that really takes time to play the game....
BaliFied - Word Game of the Gods - iOS Games Great tester who really put time and effort into the...
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Replies Feature Test Social Networking
PostYo - The Anonymous Posting App Test Social Networking Great tester. Quick to install and try app. Great honest...
Private test Entertainment  
UKnight Test 3 Games Thanks so much for the detailed feedback Stefan!
Private test Games  
Dirt Bike Classic Racing Game Games Thank you for your comments. The throttle is based...
Cards Productivity Thank you for testing Cards. Your report is interesting and...
Private test Games  
Domino Galaxy Games That was very detailed feedback, thank you very much!
Mimme Beta 3.0 Photo & Video Stefan, thank you for feedback!
Private test Photo & Video  
Password Manager Productivity
Scene Sketcher Photo & Video Good testing! Thanks very much for your progress reporting and...
Puzzle Chat Public Test Photo & Video
Zuno: Rescue the Souls Games Feedback was ok.. Could have been more descriptive.. Bug report...
Private test Games  
Sortpad - app testing - ROUND 3 Photo & Video Not rated
Hidden object - Woman's House Games good feedback, thanks
QubiMail Utilities Thank you for your help ;)
General test Books Not rated
Cupcake Glow Games
APPuzzle Games Not rated
Sortpad - app testing Photo & Video Thank you for your help Stefan!
Drop the Spot: iOS Social Networking Thanks again for the feedback. Once we make a...
Earth Challenge 1.1.3 beta Education Thanks for the report. The feedback was very useful. Just some...
Flirt Planet Play Games Great stuff. Many thanks for testing, Seb
Back to the West game Games Thanks a lot for testing our game!
ChowHound Games Thanks for testing/playing the game Stefan. I'll look into changing...
Use Your Handwriting 7.8 Business Thanks Stefan.
legend of brightness test Games Thanks for your feedback, hope you can continue to play...
HipstaFox Games Thank you so much for your feedback! I hope you...
Cubador_01 Games Thanks for a concise and relevant report!
Gumbler - iOS (EU) Games Great work!
Collector's Book Lifestyle
Double! Games Thank you!
Movie Genius 4.0 release candidate Entertainment
Pirate Story Beta Games
Poonicorn Beta Games Stefan is a very good beta tester. He was very kind...
Movie Genius 4.0 beta Entertainment Thanks Stefan for the very useful test report.
Raindancer Version 2 Games Not rated
Rub Rub Rub 2.0 Games Thanks Stefan. Your feedback was very helpful. Look forward to...
Cam Test Photo & Video Not rated
Eternity Cloud Productivity Good contact, valuable feedback.
Burger Brawl Games Thank you for your comments and review.We will surely look...
Photo Quiz Books
Nowee Lifestyle thanks for the advices :) i added the posibility to...
Private test Lifestyle Not rated  
Private test Games Not rated  
Private test Healthcare & Fitness  
You & Me Social Networking Not rated
SunFollower Photo & Video Hi Stefan.nnThank you for finding time to help me. nVery...
Flirt Planet Play Games
Rise and Shine Healthcare & Fitness Not rated
Face Replace! Entertainment
Knovio Mobile Productivity Thanks very much for your test report. It was...
T.A.P Games I had a bit of trouble understanding the following sentence:...
Private test Games Not rated  
Pogoplug Entertainment Not rated
UNRAVL Utilities Not rated
UNRAVL Utilities Stefan,nnYou have been our star tester by far. Your inputs,...
App Habits (Round 2) Productivity Hello Stefan,nnthanks for your help!
Battery Monitor Utilities Not rated
Santa Backup Utilities Thank you for review.
iCadence Music Thank you for your work!
F1 Manager Games Thanks for your help with the testing, the app is...
Steganos Online Shield Utilities
Pixel Maze Escape Games Thanks for your feedback, the other ideas that you write...
Scout it Social Networking thank you!
App Habits Productivity Hi OM,nnI currently run the newest version, as you wrote...
Loot Pursuit: Pompeii Education Excellent feedback. Excellent suggestions. Best tester on this...
Must-See for iOS Entertainment You're welcome, I'll have a look into the rating slider...
Runr Healthcare & Fitness Thank you for the continued feedback on Runr! Your participation...
LabelMe Photo Photo & Video Thanks for your comments. I am glad you find the... for iPad Reference Not rated
Takes Photo & Video Not rated
OutCatch v1.5 Games Thank you so much for you good report! That's clearly...
EndGods Games Not rated
Zekira Productivity Not rated
Seculock Utilities Not rated
MooMle Utilities Thank you!
Private test Music  
Last Heroes - The Final Stand Games Nice job.
Roko Go Home Games Not rated
Snap It! Photo & Video thanks for your feedback and remarks.
Panoptic Lifestyle Comments are too brief and feedback not adequate. Did not...
KineMix Photo & Video Thank you for your report. nIf you find a...
Slice the Ice Games
Password Only Productivity sure I can send a screenshot, can you tell me...
Monster Truck Destruction Games Thanks mate, appreciate it.
Private test Music  
Loot Pursuit: Tulum Education Appreciate the report. Always happy to have as much...
SPLAT ARENA: iOS Books When I play the game on my own, then after...
bump car road rage Games Thanks for kind words and for testing.
Hither: Earth iPhone Games
Hither: Earth Games
Charles Luftwooffen Games Hi Stefan, Thank you for your time. I'm thinking about the...
Total Downloader Entertainment Not rated
Blockis Games Thanks Stefan
One Tiny Jukebox Music Not rated
Ali Hood Games
Invaders From Far Space Games
Retune Utilities
Bad Traffic Games
SwarmLocal Social Networking
Bubblaze Games
Bubblaze Games
Rate it! Lifestyle
Plekos Games
Plekos Games
Number Slide Games
Photo2Cloud Photo & Video