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Avishkar Kolahalu

 United Arab Emirates
Male, 21

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Google Nexus 6P
Android 8.0
Android 8.0
iPhone 6 plus
iOS 11.0

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
ReAble Wallet - Test Finance
Swish Video - Test Entertainment
Biopage - Test the updated app, welcome new users! Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and the feedback!...
Checklist Free - Test Travel Thank you for your response!
BULLIT - Test Social Networking Not rated
SQEDit - Test Entertainment Not rated
feedr - free social blogging platform - Test Entertainment Not rated
Musical Alarm - Spotify integrated alarm Entertainment Not rated
ClearVision Polls - Test Social Networking Thanks a lot. I will work on your suggestions
Wandle - Test Lifestyle
Food Feud - Test Games Hi, Thank you very much for you detailed feedback. The bugs...
CashPal Rewards - Test Entertainment
Trendis - Test Entertainment This tester gave a report without using the App (test...
Opinly - Debate App Social Networking Thank you! Very detailed.
OF Launcher- New Launcher 2016 - Test Entertainment
Sharebunk - Test Entertainment Great! Thanks for your feedback.
Private test Social Networking  
UpSurf - iOS beta Utilities
Private test Utilities  
The Call Button - Golf Course Test Navigation Not rated
SearchApp - Test Reference
ManzilApp New Flat UI Test Travel Thanks for the feedback. Will work on the suggestions.
ChatAPP - Test Social Networking
I LIKE RADIO - Test Entertainment
Teleshow - Test Entertainment Greate work, thank you very much :)
ManzilApp Trips Testing Travel Thanks for the feedback. Will analyze the feedback point and...
OpenTime 0.4.1 Business Not rated
Veri - Alpha App Entertainment Not rated
FitsyGames Games Not rated
Private test Games  
Covve - Professional contacts - Test Business Not rated
Private test Games  
Ask a Bubble - Concept Test - copy Books Not rated
Lolmess Beta 1 group6 Books Not rated
FareBuddy Beta IOS Books Utilities great report!
SpotWiFi Beta Test Utilities
Worm App Usability Test Photo & Video Not rated
Etsuri ver 2. News
Jack The Jumper Man test-1 Games Thank you for your report and time spent in testing,keep...
Lolmess Beta 1 group5 Entertainment
American Voices 1.5 (build 1.9) Education Thanks for your detailed feedback! I appreciate that you addressed...
Try the app Newsstand
Etsuri ver 1.5.4 News
Tower Defense; Xtinct: The First Battle Games
LOLMESS BETA 1 Group 4 Entertainment
Tap'n Slide Beta v3 Games Dear Tester, I don't know how to thank you enough for...
Tap'n Slide Beta v2 Games Thank you very much for your feedback, i really appreciate...
Shopping List Utilities Thank you for your feedback!
Tapping Wizard Blades Games Not rated
Bamboo Quest Games Thank you for your feedback. :) I'll add a resurrect function,...
Hitt Games Thank you, the soccer ball and basketball are now added,...
Pavlok Breaking Bad Habits Android - copy Healthcare & Fitness
Private test Games  
Apollo user feedback test Social Networking Simple, concise feedback.
Clone Armies Games Not rated
Tap'n Slide Beta Games Thank you very much for your report, and the screenshots. I...
Simple To-Do Reminder Beta Test Utilities Good testing and great feedback so I will invite Avishkar...
Private test Games  
Running Game Games
Domino Galaxy Games Thank you very much for your report!
OpenTime 0.3.0 Business completed all tasks and provided useful feedback
Barua | Post your day Books
UMMO External Beta Testing (Android) - V 1.1.0 Games
Secugo Social Networking Dear, Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards, Secugo support
Beeing Newton - Gameplay Test Games Great feedback and would use Avishkar again. Thanks.
OpenTime 0.3.5 - paid Business Feedback was short but concise and helpful
Commons for iOS Entertainment
Royal Legacy User Testing Games Not rated
xeer iOS beta Social Networking good feedback
BioShot Beta Test Games Thanks for your valuable suggestions
Myidol 1.5.7 beta test Ver.2 Entertainment
Puzzle Chat Public Test Photo & Video Not rated
Castle Breakout - Escape! - Android Games good feedback.
Zuno: Rescue the Souls Games Feedback was useful.. Happy to know you enjoyed the game...
Carrot Rush Beta Testing (Android) Games
BoomNZoom Games Not rated
Castle Breakout - Escape! Games great feedback, thanks!!
Maniac Wars (Android) Games Thank you for the report and it was very valuable...
AutoMath Beta Education Not rated
Puzzle Chat Pre-Release Beta Test Photo & Video Not rated
Yetti Beta 2 Lifestyle Not rated
Flip Run Games Not rated
Doodle diamonds Games Excellent feedback
MathPath Games Thank you Avishkar for your feedback, it was very helpful.
SocialNIghtlife Test1 Lifestyle
Lucky Swipe Test One Games Hi Avishkar Thank you very much for your report. Especially the transition...
camzero Photo & Video Not rated
Bit:Möb ANDROID Beta Test 2015 Social Networking Great tester and he did a very thorough job. He...
Acumen's Pathway Games Great Feedback. I recommend this tester. Thank you!
Yetti Beta Lifestyle Great feedback, thanks.
Hoops Rivals - Android beta test Games Thanks Avishkar for your valuable feedback. We hope that you'll continue...
Tricky Avenue Games This tester completed all my requirements and answered all the...
Beta test Sports Not rated
Circles 2.0 Games Good Feedback
LogInNode Test Productivity Thanks for testing the LogInNode App. I greatly appreciate the...
WordReserve Beta Test Games Thanks Avishkar! Great feedback on your report.
Poker Tube Update Entertainment Good report.
Circles Games Answer all the Questions as asked and responded with insightful...
Commons! Entertainment Concise, to the point and valuable
Poker Tube live Entertainment Good report.
Test Overall Application Productivity It was a good report.
Vliv Photo & Video Nice job! Clear QA answers and points. Thanks for Testing.
Biser free Games Your comments were very helpful. I am glad that you...
Vool Usability Testing Photo & Video Nice job! Clear QA answers and points. Thanks for Testing.
Rabbit Easter Egg Shooter Books Thanks for write a good feedback
Frender App2 Entertainment Not rated
What Did You Say? Launch crash - copy Books Great report, thanks!