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Adriana Nagy

Female, 31

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Galaxy Note II
Android 4.1.2
iPhone 5c
iOS 10.0.1
iPad Air 2
iOS 10.1

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Private test Games Not rated  
Rpnzl - Test Lifestyle Perhaps there was a misunderstanding in my test notes -...
Puzzle Simulator 3D - Beta Test Games Thank you for your report!
ImagesCal Fifth Test Productivity Great tester as usual! Definitely will use again!
Jelly Jamz - Test Games
The Sex Challenge - Test Books
Quick Math: Mathematics Time Trial - Test Books thank you very much for helping out
Private test Sports  
ImagesCal Third Test Productivity Excellent!! Great feedback and bug reporting as usual! Thanks!
Farm Charm Usability Round 2 Games Very good report. Completed all the tasks and answered all...
Castle Breakout - Escape! Games Adriana went above and beyond the call of duty! ...
American Voices 1.7 (build 1) Education Thanks, Adriana, glad the app is working well for you....
ImagesCal Productivity Outstanding Bug Reporting!!! Thanks for bugs and screen capture shots....
Private test Games  
Bite Five - Beta Food & Drink Great report, Excellent feedback. Thanks for testing.
American Voices 1.5 (build 1.8) Education Thanks very much for your report, Adriana. You've highlighted one...
OpenTime 0.3.10 Paid Business Report was thoughtful and helpful. Thank you.
Car Toll - car spendings app Finance Good report, thanks!
LOLMESS BETA 1 - Group 2 Entertainment
Project - Castle Breakout - Escape! - 3 Games Excellent feedback Adriana. Love your input!! Thanks for...
Meal Planner and Food Manager iOS Food & Drink Extremely thorough and helpful comments! Great tester.
Pixel Machines Games Thanks Adriana!
Private test Games  
Apollo user feedback test Social Networking Detailed feedback, detailed (but unfortunately non-replicable) bug reporting, and timely...
Private test Games  
TrueCare24 UI/UX test Healthcare & Fitness Well done report. Detailed and even over delivered. Thanks
Private test Games Not rated  
Private test News  
Password Manager Productivity
Mahjong Worlds Download Island Tests Games
OpenTime 0.3.5 - paid Business Some of the responses were vague: "It was hard for...
Commons for iOS Entertainment
Royal Legacy User Testing Games Not rated
SignMyPad 6.4.2 Productivity Not rated
xeer iOS beta Social Networking Great, thoughtful feedback. She included helpful context, reported bugs,...
SignMyPad testing Business Not rated
Puzzle Chat Pre-Release Beta Test Photo & Video Not rated
Test 6402 Productivity Thanks for report.
Private test Social Networking Not rated  
Make the Path! Games
Interester iOS Social Networking Adriana is a good easy going tester. Not very aggressive...
Castle Breakout - Escape! HD Games great feedback, thanks!
Skiing Yeti Mountain Games
camzero Photo & Video Not rated
Drop the Spot: iOS 1.3.2 Social Networking thank you for reporting the bugs you noted. We...
Private test Games  
First BETA test Healthcare & Fitness
Dental Boards Mastery: NBDE 2 Education Not rated
T4LK Entertainment Great tester very helpful
Selfme 1.5 Photo & Video Adriana, thank you for help.
Hoops Rivals - beta test Games Thanks Adriana for your feedback. Thanks for completing it even...
Poker Tube Update Entertainment Very good report.
Dino Rush 2.0 update Games Not rated
Insert English Education Thank you!
Keeper 1.0 Productivity Adriana, thanks for the help.
Word Morph! Games
Collaps and expand Entertainment My favourite tester so far! Recommended!
Vliv Photo & Video Nice job! Clear QA answers and points. Thanks for Testing.
Vool Usability Testing Photo & Video Nice job! Clear QA answers and points. Thanks for Testing.
Double Jump Beta 1 Games
Royal Majestic Gems Games Thanks for this feedback
Destiny Emerald FREE Games Thank you for testing our game and your comments, Adriana!...
Puzzle Warrior iOS Games
PokerTube extended test Entertainment Quick response to test and really good and quickly submitted...
Castle Breakout - Escape! HD (take 2) Games helpful feedback, thanks!
PokerTube Entertainment Informative feedback backed up with screen shots! Thank you.
Selfme 1.2 Photo & Video Thank you for your work.
Hidden Object - Woman House Games Good feedback, thanks
Daily Math Education Good report information. Thank you.
Magic Rabbit - Hidden Games good feedback. thanks.
Twisted racer - the racing game with a twist! Games Thank you a lot for testing our game. Cheers!
Private test Games  
Slot Raiders (iOS) Games Thank you for your feedback. Complete, honest, and thorough again. Good...
Play Mounting Force - GA - 1 Games Thanks for the feedback! We will take a look...
ZAP! Space Duelists 2015 Games Thank you for your feedback! Complete and thorough.