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Nicolas Pratt

 United States
Male, 28

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iPhone 7 plus
iOS 10.2.1
iPad Pro (12.9 inch)
iOS 10.2.1

Completed tests

  Title Category Rating Feedback
Tag You - Test Entertainment This was a great report. I will work on improving...
Biopage - Test the updated app, welcome new users! Social Networking Thank you very much for the report and the feedback!...
eercast Lifestyle
iCAN - Usability Testing - 2nd Iteration Productivity Challenging but honest feedback. Much appreciated. Thank you!
Mercatus - Student Marketplace Utilities Not rated
Rising Warriors - Test Games
Ask a Bubble - Concept Test Books
Ditopa - A Fantastic Brick Breaker Books Thank you for a valuable report
Mountain Trek Habits to Health App Productivity
PostYo Version 2.0! Social Networking
phlow iOS Photo & Video Not rated
Tactus Beta Music
ORION Nightlife Lifestyle Not rated
XQuest - 2 Social Networking
American Voices 1.5 (build 1.11) Education Thanks, Nicolas. It would be helpful to put more detail...
Happer Social Networking Thank you for giving it a try.
XQuest Social Networking Thank you very much Nicolas! We will fix this bug...
Tellit App Social Networking Not rated
Beholder DJ - Beta Games Thanks
Tosify™ Lifestyle Thank you for your superb feedback. Highly useful!
rMove Long Distance Testing (for Testers traveling over 50 miles in one sitting) Travel Not rated
Proud - beautiful, gesture based time management app Productivity Very good feedback. A bit short but still good. Thanks!
PiQu - Picture Quiz (Update) Games Not rated
OpenTime 0.3.5 - paid Business
Wordbolt - How fast do you type? Games Thanks for your feedback!
Commons for iOS Entertainment
SignMyPad 6.4.2 Productivity Not rated
Pendilly Beta is Live Social Networking Did not test the app.
SignMyPad testing Business Not rated
everyStory Beta Testing #1 Photo & Video Not rated
Myidol 1.5.7 beta test Ver.2 Entertainment
Puzzle Chat Public Test Photo & Video
INTHELENS Free Beta Photo & Video Nicolas, thanks for advises.
ThunderBoo 1.2 Social Networking Not rated
Private test Games Not rated  
Rate My Recipe Games Not rated
youmeyou Social Networking
Insider Beta Test 1 Social Networking Thanks Nicolas for your feedback. Glad you seemed to like...
Talking Duke Dog 2 Games thanks for the feedback!!
Magic Rabbit Games Not rated
Katoo - Delayed SMS Reminder Utilities
My Team Manager iPhone Sports
Shotzle! Photo & Video To all developers and to Beta Family : Please do...
Jumbl Games great tester, gave good feedback
SocialNightlife Test2 Lifestyle
Private test Social Networking Not rated  
Private test Games  
Interester iOS Social Networking Not rated
Skiing Yeti Mountain Games Thanks!
camzero Photo & Video Not rated
Private test Games  
Drop the Spot: iOS 1.3.2 Social Networking Thanks for your feedback. Newer versions coming that may...
Private test Games  
First BETA test Healthcare & Fitness
Destiny Emerald FREE v iPad2 Games Hello Nicolas, Thank you for submitting the report! We will be...
Duelo Social Networking Not rated
T4LK Entertainment Not rated
Seeblings - Interactive Video Greetings Entertainment Wonderful feedback, thanks!
Selfme 1.5 Photo & Video Nicolas, thank you for your work.
Hoops Rivals - beta test Games Thanks Nicolas for your valuable feedback. Thanks for reporting all the...
Poker Tube Update Entertainment
Dino Rush 2.0 update Games Not rated
Keeper 1.0 Productivity Nicolas, thank you for help.
Word Morph! Games Not rated
Sortpad - app testing - ROUND 3 Photo & Video Not rated
Collaps and expand Entertainment Good report. Thank you.
Selfie Social Networking Not rated
Absolute Football Manager Games Not rated
Vliv Photo & Video Nice job! Clear QA answers and points. Thanks for Testing.
Vool Usability Testing Photo & Video Nice job! Clear QA answers and points. Thanks for Testing.
Royal Majestic Gems Games Thanks for your honest feedback
Puzzle Warrior iOS Games
Angular - triangulation art! Utilities Hey Nicolas, and thank you for a good and detailed...
lavYu Entertainment Thank you for your feedback. Yeah, maybe information about in...
PokerTube extended test Entertainment Good report. Thank you.
Lina Games
Castle Breakout - Escape! HD (take 2) Games Excellent review, very detailed and thorough. Bless you!
Fuel Log Pro - Gas & Oil Mileage Tracker and Fuel Reminder with Price Calculator Utilities Not rated
PokerTube Entertainment Thank you! Recommended tester!
Selfme 1.2 Photo & Video Nicolas, thank you for your work.
Hidden Object - Woman House Games good feedback, thanks
Play Mounting Force - 1.1.0 Games Thanks Nicolas!
Must-See 1.1 - Beta 3 Entertainment Hi Nicolas again, thank you for your feedback. We will pay...
Twisted racer - the racing game with a twist! Games Thank you very much for testing our game. Best regards.
Test Tribal Rivals version 2.0 Games
Must-See 1.1 - Beta 2 Entertainment Hello Nicolas, thank you for your feedback. I have fixed the issue...
Private test Games  
Must-See 1.1 Entertainment Thank you, Nicolas! A new version is in the make...
Play Mounting Force - GA - 1 Games Thanks for the feedback! Sorry about the poor graphics,...
MODRN Pre-Release Test Lifestyle It would have been nice if you had used the...
ZAP! Space Duelists 2015 Games Thank you for your feedback! Complete and informative.
Spottr Beta Utilities Not rated
Ping - Reminding the world Social Networking
Cable - a new way to discover & listen to YouTube Music Music Nicolas went through the tasks carefully and gave us very...