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Stephen Waters

 United States, Seattle
Male, 48

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Android 8.0

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  Title Category Rating Feedback
gamban - Test Entertainment Not rated
ReAble Wallet - Test Finance Not rated
Photo SketchFrame Pro (Unreleased) - Test Photo & Video This was a great report. I will work on improving...
Notely - Test Productivity
Listener Browser - Test Productivity Thanks Stephen for taking the time to review the app....
Break - Test Productivity
iTavli-All Backgammon games - Test Games Not rated
Meandr - Test Social Networking
MatchUp Tennis - Test Sports Thank you so much for testing the app and for...
OF Launcher- App Launcher New (Unreleased) - Test Productivity
ActiveMAZE - Test Entertainment Thank you for your feedback. Some additional details would have...
Backtrack - Test Music Not rated
Ballsy - Test Games
MailPusher - Android Beta Utilities Not rated
Tribal Guardian Games Thank you for the feedback!!
Turns90 - Test Games Thank you for the feedback. I will certainly add settings...
Zoomvy samescreen - Test Entertainment
Crossing Skies Games
Martial Towers - Tower Defense Action Game Games Thanks for your help testing our new game.
Cricket hit beta V 1.0.11 Sports
Happer Social Networking Thank you for testing Happer.
Happer Social Networking Thanks for helping us test Happer and for your report.
I like radio Entertainment
Stopwtach App for Production Engineers (not only for) Utilities Thanks a lot for submitting the report !!!
Elite Music Music Nice feedback. You rock :)
Cradle Of Empires Games Did you really install the game? Or simply answerd my...
Cook4 (v0.3) Social Networking
Jump Freak Books not very detailed but fine.
Bit:möb Radius Communicator: IOS Test 2015 October Social Networking Good feedback, tester thoroughly tested the app, which we very...
Fourvote Lifestyle
Ballista Beta Games Thank you for your feedback!
Manual Capture Photo & Video Not rated
Dune: A Puzzle Game Games Thanks for the feedback!
In The Cart Finance
Soundrop Music Social Networking
Project - Tapping Wizard Blades Books
Evlop Line jump Games
Running Game - Free Games
Rhapsody Music
Pandora Music
Tidal Music
Spotify Music
Apple Music Music
Guess The Uncle Sam City Books
Mimme Beta 3.0 Photo & Video Stephen, thanks.
Sky Roads - Fixed Games A more extensive test could have been done. Decent Review.
World of Paint Games Thanks for some great feedback!
Kitty Pop Pirates User Testing Games Not rated
Worch - iOS Games Thanks for your report. We will try to improve our...
Mimme Beta 2.0 Photo & Video Stephen, thank you for feedback!
Bit:Möb ANDROID Beta Test 2 Summer 2015 Social Networking Gave a very thorough test of the multisocial features and...
Proud - beautiful, gesture based time management app Productivity Rather too spartian but still giving some value!
PiQu - Picture Quiz (Update) Games Thanks for your feedback! For next time, feel free to...
Guess the Dragon Ball Z Character Games Not rated
mypa - Smarter Calling Screen Productivity
Guess the Dragon Ball Z Character Games Not rated
Gem Match Connect Games basic feedback
Wordbolt - How fast do you type? Games Thank you! Hope you enjoy playing.
Pendilly Beta is Live Social Networking Not rated
OpenTime 0.3.5 Business Tasks were complete. Feedback was clear and specific.
Worch Games Thanks for your report. As you might know, it is...
Paperplane - Plan your trip in a few taps Travel Appreciate trying and giving feedback
37.6 (test #1) Games Not rated
Be Part of Niki's Product Development Utilities Thanks. Could provide more details. But helpful in general.
Paperplane - painless travel planning Travel
Spiritual Me Beta / ios Healthcare & Fitness Good feedback!
Myidol V1.2 Android Test Entertainment
Castle Breakout - Escape! - Android 2 Games Not rated
Myidol 1.5.7 beta test Entertainment
Carrot Rush Party External Beta Testing (iOS) Games Not rated
Due Dates Beta Test Productivity
TextDater Lifestyle Brilliant feedback! Very useful for moving forward with next...
Castle Breakout - Escape! - Android Games Not rated
Super Pixel World Games basic feedback
UMMO External Beta Testing (Android) Games Not rated
Drop the Spot: iOS 1.3.4 Social Networking Thanks for your feedback.
The-Broadcaster Business
BoomNZoom Games
MathPath v2.0 Games Not rated
Castle Breakout - Escape! Games thanks for the positive feedback.
Private test Games Not rated  
Rate My Recipe Games Not rated
youmeyou Social Networking Not rated
Talking Duke Dog 2 Games thanks for your feedback!
Magic Rabbit Games Not rated
Vool Android Beta Books Not rated
My Team Manager iPhone Sports
AutoMath Beta Education
Shotzle! Photo & Video
Jumbl Games good tester
Yetti Beta 2 Lifestyle Not rated
Bit:Möb IOS Test 2015 Social Networking A thorough tester. performed all tasks and answered all questions....