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Galaxy S5
Android 6.0

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  Title Category Rating Feedback
Birdy - Candy Wrecker - Test Entertainment Not rated
Digital Clock Widget Xperia - Test 2 Utilities Not rated
Swish VR - Final test before launch Entertainment
Quizzes for the Smart Nation - Test Games
Wanderlust Rewards - Travel rewards, destination guides and more Travel Not rated
Mersal Jallikattu Run - Test Entertainment thanks mate, I will work on your feedback
Pinonmap - travel diary , travel map, map diary - Test Travel Thank you so much. We're gonna make a better Pinonmap. Hope you...
Babla the social playground - v0.2 Social Networking Thanks for joining the Babla test and helping us out...
STEM Storiez - Wootzy Colors - Test Education
Corus - Test Entertainment Was good to hear positive feedback, would have loved to...
lockIO - Power and App Lock - Test Utilities
My Number - find phone number - Test Productivity
Struggle in Maze - Fight to Survive - Test Entertainment Basic feedback
Kalikoe Wallet (Beta) - Test Social Networking thanks may you share to friends
Pixel Undead - FPS Game Games Good feedback.
Sigi Smart - Test - v1.0.1525169 Lifestyle Thanks for your feedback and appreciate your efforts.
Sigi Smart - Test Lifestyle Thanks for your efforts...... much appreciated
Clockwise Smart Alarm - Test Utilities
WizeSize - Test Entertainment Not rated
app logo guessing - Test Entertainment Not rated
Math with your Friends - Test Entertainment Not rated
Tasty Tiles - Test Entertainment
Blockville Rampage - Test 2 Games
MixDress - combine clothes automatically Lifestyle Thank you for your feedback!
World Soccer 2D - Test Entertainment Not rated
Duck Soup - Test Entertainment
Write - Logic, Puzzle, Brain teaser (Unreleased) - Test Games
Farty Pops - Test Entertainment Not rated
Blockville Rampage - Beta Test Games Hey, Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely look into...
Notely - take note - Test Productivity
SWISH Video - Test Entertainment
Quote Maker & Quote Creator - Test Lifestyle This was a great report. I will work on improving...
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - LAST BETA TEST Utilities Many thanks for your positive feedback :) Aniko & Henrik good2create team
Testing invites Social Networking Thanks!
My Secret Drinks - Test Entertainment
Sendrop - Test Productivity Not rated
Dian - Early access Utilities
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - Test Productivity Thank you for your report.
Combinum - Test Games
Sendrop - Test Productivity Not rated
Brainilis - Brain Games Games
Buzitu - Test Entertainment Thank you for your testing.
Fancy Cakes - Google Play open Beta Test Games
AirWāfi - second testing Travel
Eighth Spring Ninja - Test Games Many thanks for your absolutely positive feedback :) Your feedback...
Numbers Race - Test Games Thanks so much for your report and time I will...
Notely - Test Productivity
Meandr - Test Social Networking
MatchUp Tennis - Test Sports Thanks for testing the app and for the report. We definitely...
OF Launcher- App Launcher New (Unreleased) - Test Productivity
Backtrack - Test Music Not rated
Ballsy - Test Games
Tribal Guardian Games Thank you for testing the game. Adding touch controls may help....
Turns90 - Test Games
Zoomvy samescreen - Test Entertainment
Tribal Guardian - Test Entertainment Easy and to the point, thanks for checking out the...
GlassWire Data Usage Security - Test Entertainment Not rated
Hitch - Test Entertainment Not rated
Pepper - Test Entertainment Not rated
Hitch - Test Lifestyle Not rated
CashPal Rewards - Test Entertainment Didn't even try the app, just wrote a random report.
MathStudio - Math Solver - Test Education Thank your for your feedback!
Jallikattu Run 3D - Test Entertainment
Blue Sky - Test Games
Wallpaper Studio 10 (Unreleased) - Test Entertainment Many thanks for your review.
Checklist Free - Test Travel Hey you might have been viewing an old version. ...
Artur - Beta Test Entertainment Hardly any feedback, lacking any form of analysis or suggestions....
Mazlusek - Test V2 Lifestyle Thanks.
TestingCatalog - beta test Entertainment
SQEDit - Test Entertainment Not rated
Wandle - Test Lifestyle
Tixing Reminder app Utilities Instant reply - as expected. Feedback sent was really helpful....
Tapping Wizard Blades Books
Bamboo Quest - Looking for feedback Games Thank you very much for testing my game. So there is...
Cradle Of Empires Games Did you really install the game? Or simply answerd my...
Pavlok Breaking Bad Habits V5 Healthcare & Fitness
Pet Maniac V1.0 Android Games Not rated
Line Jump - copy Books
Tapping Wizard Blades Open Beta Games
Myidol V1.2 Android Test Entertainment
Castle Breakout - Escape! - Android 2 Games thanks for the feedback.
Super Pixel World Games basic feedback
UMMO External Beta Testing (Android) Games Not rated
MathPath v2.0 Games Not rated
Castle Breakout - Escape! Games thanks for the feedback.
Yetti Beta 2 Lifestyle Not rated
Doodle diamonds Games Basic, but valuable feedback
Acumen's Pathway Games Great feedback received from this tester. I recommend him, thank...
Yetti Beta Lifestyle
Poker Tube live Entertainment
Vliv Photo & Video Nice job! Clear QA answers and points. Thanks for Testing.
Rabbit Easter Egg Shooter Books Thanks for write a good feedback
Royal Majestic Gems Books good feedback
Frog Road Online Multiplayer Books basic feedback
OmniContext Productivity Not rated
Jumpy the squirrel Games Not rated
Paperplane - painless travel planning Travel Good tester.... nice feedbacks...
Regrann - New Version Beta Social Networking Testing and feedback were very good. Thanks.
Test 5451 Games Thank you for the report ! We hope you will...
Hidden object - Woman's House Games very valuable feedback
Number Target - Beta Games
ALT-G: Amazing Puzzles (Beta) Games Thanks for your feedback! I'll work on the 'flight' issue...
Uwana (Android) Social Networking Hi, thanks for checking out the app and for your...
Tension Tunnel Games Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm glad that you...
User insights for first release board game utility Games Minimal fulfillment of the survey.
Flirt Battle v1.0 Games Many thanks for testing!
Game: Twisted Racer for Android Books Dear friend, thank you for letting us know your opinion. Very...
GrooveCloud Music Sorry to know about your poor experience. Actually there is no...
InHandStudio Photo & Video Not rated
AutoMath Education Thanks for the test!
Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles (v46) Games Thanks a lot for your feedback! Concerning the exit button: When you...
Butterfly TV - Live Stream Messaging - Broadcast Live to Contacts or Social Media (Beta) Entertainment Thank you.
APPuzzle Games
Burst my Bubble Games Thanks heathclif01 :) for your feedback, it is truly appreciated. We'll...
ALT-G Game (Alpha Release) Games Thanks for your feedback. We're redesigning the app to make...
Brutal Badger Beta 2 Games