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Covve - Professional contacts - Test is looking for testers

Part of the Covve - Professional contacts testing family

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Covve - Professional contacts - Test, V 1

Developed by Alex Protogerellis

Covve is an address book app with features that help users manage their contacts, organize them and stay in touch. There are five main areas we’d like testing: 1) The signup process 2) Synchronization between your phone addressbook and the app 3) The UI: does it look good on all screens 4) Performance: Does it freeze or lag 5) Features: Do...
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Covve synchronizes contacts with your address book. Specifically, it syncs with contacts that have come from either Gmail or Exchange accounts. As such, before you begin make sure you have contacts on your phone that come from either Gmail or Exchange.


Male & Female

20-99 years old

Android 4.4 - 8.1.0


All corners of the world

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  Available 9 January - 14 January