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Hi, welcome to the Grim Quest testing family

Turn-based dungeon crawling RPG with a clean and minimalist visual design, old school vibe and elements of lovecraftian horror - immerse in a dark fantasy world with it's own history and lore - customize you character with 16 unique spells and 12 active & passive skills - select one of 14 character backgrounds that each affect gameplay in a different way - defeat enemies in a classic turn-based combat using intuitive touch gestures - survive unforgiving boss battles and nerve wrecking ambushes - visit 4 infinite, procedurally generated dungeons with a variety of 60+ enemy types - experience 20+ interactive, text-based events - acquire 40+ consumable items and crafting ingredients - complete quests and collect bounties - manage you character's sanity or suffer unexpected consequences - manage defences of a besieged city - relax or add suspense with 3 difficulty levels and optional permadeath

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