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Hi, welcome to the Tofu Heroes [IOS] testing family

Take on the mantle of a Tofu Hero and defend your planet “Mi-Soup” from the invasion of the Imperial Space Warlord, Karaage Udon! Join Shi-Tofu and a clan of skilled warrior Tofus in the fight for justice! FREE-TO-PLAY - Download and play for free! Make in-game purchases for charms and boosters to take your skill to the next level! GLORIOUS MATCHING FUN - Lose yourself in 150 levels of tofu-swapping puzzle fun! ALL NEW MATCH-3 STRATEGIES TO SOLVE PUZZLES - Swipe-rotate the game grid to match tofu-tiles without moving any! Create Tofu Squires, Knights and Bravehearts and rescue the Princess! COMPETE AGAINST OTHER TOFU HEROES IN CONTESTS AND WIN PRIZES - Climb the leaderboards and see how you fare against other valiant gelatinous comrade-in-arms. Compete against other Tofu Heroes individually or form your own guilds and stand a chance to win cash prizes of up to thousands of dollars! QUIRKY STORY AND ORIGINAL CHARACTERS - Enter an outlandish world of Tofus and fight alongside your Tofu allies to vanquish enemies like the Stale, Wasabi and Smelly Tofus! **Tofu Heroes requires internet connectivity to play. ***Tofu Heroes is currently in a beta testing phase. Therefore, all user data and accumulated in-game items will be wiped after the game exits beta testing and officially launches. We apologise for any glitches, bugs or technical difficulties players may face at this moment.

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