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Hi, welcome to the Classic Labyrinth testing family

Classic Labyrinth - the wooden tilt maze game with the steel ball that everyone knows from the childrens' room comes to your mobile device as a digital Game! Enjoy this classic wooden maze labyrinth. You control the ball by tilting the maze. The objective is to tilt your mobile or tablet in a way the ball rolls to the target without falling into a hole or being stopped by other obstacles like bombs. Try to reach the goal hole and finish the level ! The labyrinth game has 500 levels with various difficulty. Some are incredibly hard, some are easy and resting... Navigate and balance the ball through the maze and try to beat the timer, but watch out for the holes! Various gameplay is proposed over levels : In some levels, you will have to control multiple balls ! Try to put all of them in the goal hole except the red one ! In others, make the two balls touch together to pass the level !

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