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Hi, welcome to the Trajekt testing family

Trajekt generates Virtual Replays of your Strava activities that highlight your performance. If you used Relive or any other route visualizer before, you'll love syncing your activities with this app to see how you're improving. It replicates every stride or stroke of the pedal with an avatar to show what you did along every foot of the course. Sync with Strava • Import all of your older Strava activities for free • Preview the selected activity with a 3D Map Experience in Augmented Reality (AR) • Watch your avatar race on a 3D map projected onto the ground with your phone's camera • Fast loading times for longer sessions • Control playback speed • Control the camera angle and zoom level Visualize your Fitness • Heads Up Display streams your heart rate, power, and cadence at every GPS waypoint • Your Power and Heart Rate Zones are represented by color coded segments on the course • Pinpoint critical parts of the course by watching how terrain impacts your performance.

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