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Hi, welcome to the Jeek testing family

Jeek is a public location-based messaging app. Jeek searches for all the recent messages of other Jeek users locating near you and displays them to you. Jeek do not ask users to have an account. There is no need to provide phone number or email to use Jeek. As soon as you installed Jeek, you receive jeeks around you and also you may send jeeks to people nearby. You are completely anonymous while using Jeek and no one knows your location or any other information about you. Every message may have some texts and a file. The file may be an image, an audio, a video or a document. By default you are anonymous to other Jeek users unless you set your profile. Your profile may have an image, a title and a description. Your profile becomes visible to other Jeek users when you send a message. You can change your profile or keep yourself anonymous whenever you want.

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