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Hi, welcome to the Castle Defender: Hero Shooter - Offline TD testing family

Your castle is under attack! become a leader and defender your warrior from the invading monsters, like crazed zombies and more in CASTLE DEFENDER: Hero Shooter - Offline TD ! Come up with a strategy! Use cross bowl to snipe the monsters and summon your hero (use gem to summon 1 card or 10 cards- depend on your wallet), defender your castle and you will be the winner with the aid of 4 main warriors such as: witch, magician, bowler, knight .Each of them has own ability. The evil zombies may know no mercy, but your hero can use archery, sword, magic to defeat them all – every monster on your kingdom is a fun challenge! We’ve got tornado, freeze and more for you in this defense game. So get ready to SHOOT and SUMMON! Become a leader, upgrade your legendary hero, battle with evil zombies and defender your kingdom in this tower defense TD game. ENJOY this cool game now!

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