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Hi, welcome to the Cats King - Battle Dog Wars: RPG Summoner testing family

Join now more exciting and exciting battles than ever in the free game: CATS KING - Battle Dog Wars: RPG Summoner right now! In a forest, Dogs and Cats village are living on the banks of the Peacy River. The more gentle the Cats is, the more aggressive the Dogs is. They created an army armed with weapons, hired bosses from other regions and are attacking the Cats, capturing all the Cats inhabitants as slaves. Faced with the aggression of the enemy, the Cats gathered the elite warrior's team to fight, fight off and chase away the evil dogs. Accompany the cute Cat warriors in CATS KING - Battle Dog Wars: RPG Summoner to create a special team of brave Cats to defeat evil dogs and bring peace to the Cats inhabitants. BATTLE - CHALLENGE ⚔️ An RPG game for kids, combined with attractive cartoon pet strategy cool game with action fighting and interesting skills. Let's overcome 60+ challenges in easy to difficult mode, perform all the missions with the ultimate skills of the warriors. SUMMON WARRIORS - SET UP THE TEAM

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