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Hi, welcome to the SpacerAR testing family

Spacer is a new way to share your message and collaborate with friends! Draw some message in AR and let others discover it either by reaching the same geolocation point or through the portal. AR MESSAGE - Drawing brushes with different styles/colors. - 3D Emoji, funnier message. - Each of your messages lives in original place - GPS. NEWSFEED - The first newsfeed with AR content is here! Discover what others have created through a convenient explorer. - Two categories: feed (friends and me) and popular (all users) PORTALS - Spacer let's open up any post from newsfeed and augment the original post, the editions even affect the original post! - Press the blue button in newsfeed or post page and place the circle, then dive into a portal! Have fun! MAP - Discover what people nearby are doing in Spacer, what messages did they leave in your city! - You can navigate to any post through the map and open camera to check it in AR! Have fun augmenting your space! ***

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