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Hi, welcome to the IngredientMatcher - recipes by ingredients testing family

The IngredientMatcher app will help you match the ingredients you already have at home with easy, quick and delicious recipes from around the world. “What shall I make for dinner tonight?” Does this sound familiar to you? You come back home, you’re hungry, you want to eat something good and easy to make that will not require you to go back out to the shops. You don’t want to eat the same old tomato sauce pasta again. You want to try something new. IngredientMatcher will solve this problem by storing a list of all ingredients you have available in your phone. It then will automatically compare that list with a recipe database to suggest meals that can be made. Traditional recipe sites and cookbooks are great if you are looking for a new recipe well in advance so you can go and shop all the required ingredients, but it does not work for your weekday dinners. Ingredients make recipes not the other way around. --Who is IngredientMatcher for? IngredientMatcher is for those who-- • Don’t plan their meals in advance and need help and inspiration on what to cook. • Don’t want to spend time to browse recipes only to realize they’re missing half (if not more!) of the ingredients. • Don’t want to go shopping for those missing ingredients. • Want to browse recipes that they actually like. • Want to find recipes that use soon-to-be expiring ingredients. • Want to try out something new once in a while. • Need last-minute ideas for those unexpected guests.

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