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Hi, welcome to the Kholab Effect testing family

Welcome to Kholab Effect’s beta! You’re invited to be one of the first to use Kholab Effect. Kholab Effect is the newest social media platform where users can record, edit, communicate and post with friends. This is known as “The Kholab Effect.” Choose a genre that best describes you, post videos and interacts with others based on what you love. Forget complicated editing software and get used to our very user-friendly editing page. Collaborating is not just for meeting in person anymore. Our recommended page will encourage users to find other people with similar interests. All you need is a creative mindset, passion, and a friend! This is only the Beta Version! Since this is only the beta version of Kholab Effect different features will be disabled and others added. With notifications turned off, users will not be notified when you post a video. Once we go live in June, your videos will be modeled and become a set example for others that download Kholab Effect. If you would like to create videos with a certain friend, send their email to and we will ensure they also have a Beta version.

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