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Hi, welcome to the Sirved - Restaurant Discovery testing family

Sirved is an all in one platform allowing you to discover relevant restaurant menus, by connecting you to your ideal restaurant anywhere you go. Find your food by location, craving or restaurant. Sirved has developed proprietary technology that comes bundled into a sleek, powerful, and versatile Android restaurant app. It is standing ready to bring your overall dining experience to new places. We provide the user with the ability to search by dishes, restaurants, cravings or even dietary restrictions with just a few easy clicks. No hidden costs to you or to the restaurant. Freedom of choice has never been this easy. Sirved’s built-in discovery element is our key differentiator and is what makes it the best menu app on the market. Sirved is quick, easy, and powerful. Simply enter a search for your desired dish and get a list of restaurants and affiliated menus in just seconds. For example, if a user wants to look for falafel, Sirved will compile a list of every local restaurant that includes falafel on their menu. The app will also provide critical restaurant information such as distance, address, contact information, photos and more. Sirved is a restaurant discovery tool to discover obscure, unusual and otherwise rare dishes often difficult to locate through the normal channels. The unique features are neatly packed into a beautiful menu app for all occasions. Maybe you are looking to spice up your dining experience locally. Perhaps you’re even out of town and seeking local restaurants. The options are endless, the uses are infinite, and the verdict is clear - this app is a versatile playground ready to help you in any situation. Refine your passion for food in a new, revolutionary way. Explore beyond the realm of what you thought was possible and discover new potentials, locations and people. Be sure you download the best restaurant app available in the Google Play Store, Sirved.

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