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Hi, welcome to the iGoGiG testing family

iGoGiG is a cash app where anyone can make money. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) today face a significant challenge when reaching out to new customers and growing their business. In the realm of online marketing and advertising, the advantage typically goes to the highest bidder, which is typically the largest company with the deepest pockets. Businesses advertise to generate leads and increase revenue but have no certainty for success. Consumers, also known as Influencers, are aware of and have access to millions of potential word of mouth leads, but these leads often don’t materialize because influencers are not monetarily incentivized to provide them. The GiG Economy, comprised of freelancers and other short-term workers (also known as GiGgers), is one the fastest growing entrepreneurial sectors of the economy, and will be experiencing rapid growth in the future. Yet the only platform available to GiGgers requires that they either pay to bid on a project or pay a fee to the companies that allow them access to their platform. iGoGiG is an application designed to solve these problems. We have created a platform where leads convert to sales at a rate of 80% or more. iGoGiG promotes certainty in advertising so that leads/revenue are tied to advertising expenditure. Businesses receive leads and then pay for them. Influencers get paid when they share referrals, and this will result in millions of word-of-mouth leads being generated. GiGgers now have a platform where they only pay for leads after they are awarded the job. iGoGiG’s mission is to be the world leader in enabling and promoting the connection between consumers and businesses and making more seamless the process of generating new and existing business. iGoGiG sets itself apart by removing uncertainty from advertising, tying advertising expenditure directly to revenue and developing an engaging user experience that gamifies and rewards shopping, reviewing and referring for the consumer. iGoGiG will make innovative use of BlockChain technology to reduce waste and limit fraud, thereby maximizing a company’s advertising budget. The eventual result will be to lower the cost of doing business, which will be passed on to the influencer.

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