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Hi, welcome to the Talking Frog Boy testing family

Who's ever heard of a frog with a tail? Well, if you think it's strange, don't tell Talking Frog Boy, he still thinks it's perfectly normal.Talking Frog Boy is an adorable, fun, and interactive character for you iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.Tickle him, poke him, and interact with him in a variety of different ways - you can even record yourself and have Talking Frog Boy repeat it back to you in his voice!You can also change the background color to give Talking Frog Boy a change of scenery every now and then.Try it out for yourself:1. Poke him in his left eye, and he'll let you know that he's not happy with it.2. Poke him in his right eye, and he'll give you a playful wink.3. Tap him on his mouth, and he'll give a playful little giggle.4. Pat him on his belly and he'll jump up for you.5. Tap his head to knock him back a little bit.6. Tap his head three times in succession and he'll fall down.In addition, you can also:7. Have him pant like a dog!8. Have him give you a little kiss!9. Watch him eat a fly!10. Watch a meteor fall onto him from the sky!Follow us on Twitter: us on Facebook: to our channel onYoutube: Recording-Voice Playback-High Quality Stylized Graphics-High Quality Audio-Easy-to-use Interface-Shareable via Facebook, Twitter, and EmailTalking Frog Boy is suitable for all ages - kids and adults, friends and co-workers, everyone loves Talking Frog Boy!

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