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Sports Diary (formerly myRouteTracker) - the best free GPS Tracker apps for outdoor sports activities. Easily manage your route pictures and points of interest for travel and leisure. Athlete will get the most comprehensive performance analysis. Sports Diary is the best companion to the outdoor activity lovers of sports, fitness training, travel & leisure. No matter you are running for fitness training, hiking for leisure or trekking for adventure, Sports Diary has the best tools for you to track your outdoor activities. Sports Diary uses GPS to track you routes. Sports Diary integrates pictures, points of interest, activity calendar, and comprehensive numeric & charting analysis in a user-friendly interface. You will see pictures on the map at where they were taken. You will see detailed geographical information of the route along with the weather condition. Steps you walked and calories burnt are tracked. You will have charting over 10 attributes to analyze your routes and your performance. What’s more? You may even combine and compare multiple routes for analysis and planning. It is tailored for your sports & travel needs.

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