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Hi, welcome to the ICRISNA - Emergency Help testing family

I Call Rescue Information Services 'N' Action (ICRISNA pronounced as Krishna) messages your current location to saved contacts on phone shake, button press and voice command. Begin by adding your contacts. 1) For phone shake, press the power icon on right top of screen and leave the phone in your pocket. During an emergency, all you need to do is SHAKE the phone and your current location SMSes will be sent. For android 6.0 and below users, TURN ON the phone and SHAKE. You do not need to unlock the screen or open the ICRISNA app. 2) If you have more time, to send the messages by pressing a button, go to Emergency on the navigation drawer and press the button. Your current location messages will be sent immediately. 3) If you press the mic icon and say KRISHNA, your current location messages will be sent on voice command. DO NOT FORGET to add your contacts before pressing any buttons. For whatsapp users, whatsapp messages with current location map link and address will open up. They have to manually send it to multiple contacts. For android 7.0 and above users, on button press or say "Krishna" or phone shake, map with current location markers too will open up. To know the message you have sent, voice reading of the message sent is enabled especially on phone shake.

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