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Hi, welcome to the Math:Ops testing family

Math:Ops is a 2D multiplayer mobile game that blends mathematics education with engaging gameplay. Developed for children aged 7-11, it offers a competitive environment where players can strengthen their math skills through play. Key Aspects: - Educational Goals: Designed to reinforce key mathematical concepts within a fun and interactive setting, encouraging strategic thinking and problem-solving. - Engagement: Multiplayer mode that transforms math learning into a fun and compelling challenge. - Integrates OpenAI’s GPT-4 to generate a wide range of mathematical questions, ensuring content is responsive to the player’s skill level. - Game Modes: Offers various gameplay modes, including: - Multiplayer Mode: Engage in 10-question matches to earn trophies and rank, promoting mastery in mathematics, while competing with other up to 4 players. - Survival Mode: Solo grinding! Endure an endless array of progressively challenging questions to level up and achieve longevity and skill rankings. - Development Framework: Built using Unity, the game provides a stable and responsive user experience across various mobile devices. - Database Integration: Utilizes Firebase and Firestore for real-time data synchronization, supporting seamless multiplayer gameplay and score tracking. - Character Customization: Introduces a character selection feature, enriching user engagement through customization and offering a diverse set of avatars to represent our inclusive gaming community.

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