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Getting good sleep, less stress, and anxiety in bringing peace to your mind with mindfulness meditation and soothing music Myyellowmind brings you stress management, better sleep , no sleep disturbance and becomes joyful and happy. Doing mindfulness and meditation everyday, making mindfulness your daily habit and becoming kind to and calm with your mind. We provide you customize way to relax, find your focus,manage stress, and release tension in both the mind and body. Myyellowmind brings you with guided meditations, cognitive behavioral therapy, and stress relieving exercises. Learn mindfulness and choose from hundreds of meditations led by world-class experts from all walks of life. From guided meditations to yoga breathwork, get customized recommendations daily based on what you like and how you’re feeling. Being lonely can also bring you with stress and social anxiety, here you can chat with other people and our ai bot friend poko. Your progress is analyzed based on your moods and activities Myyellowmind is here to better your lifestyle and mental health. At any time you can listen to any meditation or just . Add buddies and calm your anxiety with friends, and join live cbt sessions with members from around the world. Listen to sleep stories, soothing sounds, bring relax version of you. Joyful, happiness and calm it is why we are here for you, relieving your day to day stress. MYYELLOWMIND FEATURES MEDITATIONS - Different meditations for different people - Meditate with Headspace’s customizable recommendations based on your mood - Practice daily meditation on different mindfulness audios - Breathe work with the our yoga program SLEEP DISTURBANCES & STORIES - RelaxING AND LISTENING TO SLEEP AUDIOS WITH RESTFUL SLEEP - Soothing sleep stories to get you to sleep - Calm and smooth sleep is what you need CBT SESSION - Talk with your alike people and share your thoughts - Lower your social anxiety and loneliness - Listen and empower each other - helping you to cope with mental health issues MINDFUL MOVEMENT - Improve your mind health with movement - Body movement have significant impact on your mental health - Choose from different movements and running exercises SOOTHING SOUNDS - Relieve stress with the calming nature sounds - your traveling or studying just listen to soothing sound and ignore your surrounding noises AI FRIEND POKO -Your loneliness friend and your listening partner - you can talk and chat with the bot, bring your inner feelings SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS Myyellowmind subscription Explore our features including meditation, sleep, cbt, motivation, soothing sounds, add buddy, movement Terms of Use (EULA) : PRIVACY POLICY :

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