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► Organize your life, family, and stay motivated. ► Stay grateful by keeping a journal. ► Grow by tracking good habits and eliminate the bad ones. Do you feel like your life is getting out of control? Is your mind boggled by too many tasks and anxieties? Don’t have the time to reflect and improve? Well, that is all about to change with DopeNotes! Organize your life, and stay motivated with Dope Notes – the complete life organizer. This all-in-one organization app eliminates the need for having separate apps for your shopping lists, meal planning, journaling, and habit tracking. Instead, it gives you all of these organization and tracking features in one simple note taking & organization app with: ● private journal ● shareable lists ● plain note taking and recipe/meal planning ● ad-free UI ● instant data sync DOPE NOTES – LIFE ORGANIZER APP FEATURES IN DETAIL: ■ Habit Tracker - Add new habits to your very own habit tracker. - Select the days that you want to do this new habit (for example exercise 4 times a week; quit sugar; quit smoking) within the habit creator, and complete as you do it daily. - Set reminders on a calendar too, and stay laser-focused on improving your life and reaching your goals. ■ Daily Journal - Stay grateful and keep a gratitude journal within Dope Notes. - Add a photo, title, and details each day within your daily photo diary. - Also, easily reflect all entries within your private picture journal in a calendar view. ■ Shopping Lists - Add items to your shopping list/grocery list and never forget important groceries/items - See images of any grocery list item within a search engine - Prearranged categories of groceries/shopping lists - Delete and change shopping list category labels - Each shopping list is shareable ■ Daily Planner and To-Do Lists - Add to do tasks and plan your daily life. - Plan your days, add and complete tasks with a check box. ■ Plain Notes - Create plain notes for any aspect of your life: ideas, memos, lists, thoughts, and more. - Note instantly sync with your account ■ Meal Planner - Add recipes with names, URLs, directions/notes, and ingredients list and save them in your recipe book - Plan meals for every day of the week and view all planned meals on the calendar - Share recipes from your recipe keeper with friends/family in your group ■ HOW TO USE DOPE NOTES WITH ROOMMATES/FAMILY Invite family members, friends, and roommates to your Shared Group. Once they are in the home or family organizer, you can share shopping lists and recipes. Your habit tracker, private journal, notes, and personal to-do list data stay private and are not shared with anyone. ■ UNLOCK THE FULL POTENTIAL OF DOPE NOTES FOR JUST $8.99 Compared to other daily planners and life organizer apps, Dope Notes charges you just one time (there is a 30-days free trial). With our life and home organization app: - Works on all devices including web
- Instant Data Sync
- 100% Banner Ad Free
- No upselling and no subscriptions
- You own the content
- We won't sell your data
- Free support Now it’s time to take control of your life and live it filled with gratitude, productivity, and motivation. Whether you are a mom looking for a mom daily planner organizer, and mom organization app, or you are a busy professional looking to organize work and private life, Dope Notes can be of immense help to stay organized and keep a grateful, positive mindset. ► Download and try our note-taking, to-do list, and life organizer app for FREE. Some reviews from our users. "Love it! I use the daily journal, shopping list, recipe manager, and habit tracker. This is a dope app." "My favorite app for building good habits. The interface is simple and user-friendly. It's easy to find what you need” “Best… App… Ever. My husband loves the photos for each recipe item." -------------------------------------------------------- Terms of Use:

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