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Hi, welcome to the AUTO.RIA — новые и б/у авто testing family

Precondition: 1) Open the application TestFlight 2) Choose the auto.ria app 3) Tap "Відкрити" button Steps To Reproduce 1) Open the application auto.ria 2) Click on the "Меню" at the bottom of the application 3) Click the icon / link "Профіль" 4) Go to the link "Ваш рейтинг користувача низький" 5) Take look at the page "Рейтинг користувача" Actual result: The translation is incorrectly displayed on the page "Рейтинг користувача" when selecting the Ukrainian language Expected result: The information on the page is presented in Ukrainian on the page "Рейтинг користувача" when choosing the Ukrainian language

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