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Hi, welcome to the Rude Racers testing family

They're fast, they're mean and they never race clean! They are Rude Racers! Rude Racers is a fast and furious bike racing game with super fun gameplay that is easy to grasp and always challenging! The action is packed into a pick-up-and-play experience with simple and clean UI and you will find yourself blazing down the highway in no time, leaving the rival racers scrambling behind! The innovative gameplay, simple and balanced driving system and precise and satisfyingly fun combat mechanics of the game deliver the thrill and adrenaline rush of old school combat-racing. Jump onto your favourite bike, select the maddest and meanest rider you can find, pick your weapon and get ready for a high-speed skirmish. In this demo for Rude Racers, you get a taste of the unique action in the form of Season 1: Rowdy Rookies. Play through 10 challenging events and participate in a variety of competition-types ranging from straight-up races to the frenzied action of Knockout events. Win trophies for completing events and as your skills develop further, take on the nastiest and fastest racers in exclusive Death Matches to earn extra cash. Winning events in the Season will fetch you cash that can be used to purchase faster bikes with additional armor or add more weapons to your arsenal to deliver bigger blows to the rival racers. There is craziness galore in this extreme-rules game and we are already working on loads of new, wacky events that will be introduced in future updates. For now, we are pleased to present a small sample of the endless possibilities in Rude Racers in the exclusive Pizza Panic levels included in Season 1—take on a rival racer in a feisty sprint down the Old Town highway and hunt down the pizza delivery bikes! Smash, crash and step on the gas in this crazy carnival of speed!

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