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Hi, welcome to the Talkupon- The Alternative Mobility testing family

Ways of Communication is changing and so is technology. It is a new generation International Calling Service where you get your mobility calling experience with a 24x7 round the clock customer care support but at a lot less cost. You are Never Left alone! It is the same experience and service level that you get from your Mobile Service Operator. The unparalleled call quality ALL TIME, EVERY TIME!! Exceptional Service level and Quality of Service is the only Goal for us. Talkupon is probably the newest kid in the block of OTT calling service BUT WITH A DIFFERENCE. Talkupon thrives to provide a clean and blissfull calling experience to its users by offering NO Gimmicks and No Complicated Calling Plans. User Registers with their existing mobile number, the free downloads bonus gets automatically added to the account and starts making calls normally as you make from your Mobile Phones. Talkupon has an integrated Contact where all the Contacts are synced automatically for a seamless calling experience. We make it easy for our users to connect with their loved one with free calling for all Talkupon to Talkupon Users, Free image messaging service and free video calls. We support Talkupon out Calling with exceptional Quality and Affordable calling Plans. The goal is to make Connectivity affordable All Time, Every Time without compromising on quality and Service. Happy Calling and Messaging!!

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