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Hi, welcome to the Halos and Sins v0.997b_f testing family

You have been accepted as a Beta Tester for Halos and Sins! Halos and Sins has been released in Beta! The latest Beta Version 0.997b is now available on Google Play. You must be signed into your Google Play account with this google email address (gmail) to access and test the game. You have been given a Free License with Google Play. All of the game items purchased for USD from the shop will be free for you. When the full version is released, you will receive a Special Bonus Prize for helping Beta Test. Note: only those testers who do the Tasks and answer all the questions will receive the Prize. Kindly follow these two steps: 1. Install Follow all of the Google Play instructions to become a beta tester. Opt-in Link: 2. Do Tasks and answer Questions After installing the game please complete the Tasks and answer the Questions (see Test Questions and Tasks on BetaFamily). Please send your responses answered beneath the Tasks and Questions. If BetaFamily does not provide the Tasks or Questions please immediately send an email to with the Subject: "Beta Testing Response". Please answer all questions honestly, and thoroughly. Please include all ----Game Links---- 1. Google Play Link or if does not work. 2. Web Link or if does not work. 3. Search manually on Google Play a. go here: b. search for "Halos and Sins" ----Testing Overview---- Developer Note: this is the final version before Halos and Sins goes live. Please be thorough and comprehensive. Any bug found is a huge win. Thank you! Need to test the following features: 1. The Tutorial System 2. The Friend Zone feature 3. Trying to hack your Items.dat file 4. Gameplay end to end 5. Ads popup correctly 6. Down internet and refreshing Nightly Rewards General: 1. Report any bugs found while testing. 2. Suggest any improvements After installing the game, please answer the Beta Tester questions below on BetaFamily. If you did not get the questions through BetaFamily please email me the responses to the questions+tasks to with the Subject: "Beta Testing Response". Please answer all questions honestly, and thoroughly. The more feedback I get, the better I can make the game for everyone! Thank you, Jim Kniest

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