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Hi, welcome to the Natural Wonder : Animal Domination testing family

Find the most powerful creatures in the animal world and challenge stronger and stronger enemies! In NATURAL WONDER you will find: - a virtually unlimited number (new ones will be continuously developed !!!) of animal cards belonging to each species and order, each with unique techniques and an amazing finisher! - different fighting strategies according to the opponents to face; - 7 different levels of card rarity, among which: common, unusual, rare, very rare, unfoundable, unique and legendary, according to which the power of the animal will be greater and greater; - 13 different habitats to fight in, from which animals will benefit; - 9 different elements, for each of which powerful elemental techniques will be available; - an incredible number of challenges to face according to the player's level; - battles against lineups of other players' animals in the global arena; become the number 1 and deserve the title of Natural Wonder! NOTE: the power of animals is not always realistic, in some cases the choice of enhancing some beautiful but actually weak animals has prevailed, so you will find several unexpected surprises. Enjoy!

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