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Babla the social playground - v0.2 is looking for testers

Part of the Babla testing family

Babla the social playground - v0.2, V 1

Developed by Bublar

Warm welcome to a Babla beta test. We have heaps of exciting content to test out - and in this beta test, we would be happy if you would like to help us out by checking out the following areas of the app: * Content creation - our primary core loop...
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A big chunk of the app has been deliberately disabled in this initial beta test just because we want you as a tester to focus on specific features and mechanics as specified above. But with this said - we are as always keen on receiving all kind of feedback and ideas that you may want to share.


Male & Female

13-99 years old

iOS 9.0 - 12.0 b

iPhone, iPad

All corners of the world

32 people are testing this app. Join them!

  Available 4 September - 17 September