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Hi, welcome to the ParkSwap testing family

ParkSwap is a peer-to-peer on-street parking exchange app with a simple and easy-to-use design that helps you find and share free street Side Parking spots with ease. Once you’ve downloaded the ParkSwap app, press ''Look For Spot'', you will see who is leaving their spot nearby, and you will be able to request to swap spot with him/her. Once your request is confirmed, you will use our navigation to drive to the destination. Locate the spot and park your car. The user that you swap spot with will leave and you will have the option to send a gift to him/her for providing information of the spot. With ParkSwap, we guarantee that you will Park without complications. Main Features: . look for Spot . Leave Spot . Easy Navigation . Send & Receive a gift Find parking when and where you need it. ParkSwap is available in English and Spanish Languages.

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