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Hi, welcome to the Zula Mobile: Multiplayer FPS testing family

Zula Mobile is an FPS mobile game that is free, 3D, and multiplayer! Are you ready to feel battle, develop your strategy, spread fear among your enemies with Zula Mobile 3D Online Multiplayer FPS’s high-quality graphics, and assertive game modes? Through Zula Mobile, you will have fun with its structure designed for e-sports and you can be a professional esports player if you want! Zula Mobile 3D Online Multiplayer FPS will be indispensable for you and you will never want to go out! Now it's time to counter attack! ZULA MOBILE BATTLE PASS Zula Mobile modern 3D Online FPS makes you earn as you play! Make as many matches as possible in the seasons which is changing every 2-3 months and earn items, guns which are specially designed for the season. Moreover, fulfill daily and seasonal contracts, increase your chances of expanding your inventory. CARDS Earn guns, characters, attachments and skins that are specially designed for the season by fulfilling the missions and contracts. GUNS Play Zula Mobile, triumph, and unlock all guns. Furthermore, you get unlimited all guns which you unlock, including sniper rifle like AWP. Free fire! MODIFICATION AND CUSTOMIZATION 100% free Zula Mobile 3D Online Multiplayer FPS has more than 8000 attachments, skins, and accessories for guns. Customize your equipment as you wish! CHARACTERS 20 strong characters, 2 different teams which are Zula and Gladyo are in Zula Mobile. Choose your team, discover your character, dust off your battleground. MERGE SYSTEM The best exchange system you can find in free FPS (Action) mobile games is in Zula Mobile! Replace accumulated cards with normal exchange system or developed exchange system, get new cards, Have the inventory you dream of! CONTROLS You can customize the controls as you prefer and create your own legend from the scratch! FRIENDS Your friends are playing Zula Mobile. Where are you? Join your friends! Create your Zula Mobile profile now, connect it with your Facebook account to add your friends, and enjoy the game and victories together. Don't forget that you can expand your social network by sharing the QR code! RANKING Zula Mobile 3D Online Multiplayer FPS always rewards the best gamers. Get into the Season, League, and Experience rankings, get the rewards! Follow your progress with the ranking system which is updated at the end of each match! CLAN SYSTEM Create your clan in Zula Mobile, add the best players of the game to your team, leave other players behind! Empower the whole team with the ability to send free cards to your friends or request free cards! Do critical operations with your clan! Zula Mobile: Free online multiplayer FPS game. Improve your tactics, strengthen your reflexes, show your knowledge, fight, and win! Download Zula Mobile now and discover the real action! Do you need help? You can reach us by sending an e-mail to

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