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Hi, welcome to the Cornea (Android) testing family

Cornea (Android) We just built a cool photo sharing app powered by AI. Join the testing! How to: Accept the testing Invite and we'll add you as a beta tester on playstore! Please log into the app with your Instagram/ Facebook account. Upload or click photo in- app. You will receive the Cornea score of your image. Select from our array of diverse filters or upload your own image to: a. Vibe transfer: Functionally, vibe Transfer lets you transfer the mood of the image onto your image. b. Art Transfer: Transfer art effect from any filter onto your photo c. Alike: find similar looking images and transfer the color and mood of that image onto your photo. Use the automated hashtags/ recommended tags - the tags are contextual to the image user uploads. Schedule a photo, try the automated time suggestion. The suggested time is based on user traffic on Instagram/ Facebook platform, contextual to the geo-location and time zone. Most of the feedback we seek involves app crashes and other apparent bugs. We don't expect you to encounter a bug, but if you do please send an email to We'll answer any questions as promptly as possible.

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